Grandpa’s Sidekick

Yesterday was a very long (but fun) day for us! We love Mondays since it’s daddy’s  day off! We didn’t get out of bed until 10! (Of course there was a feeding around 7 and then he slept until 10!)

Once we got out of bed we decided that we were going to go to Murfreesboro to meet John David’s dad (Grandpa!) He was there for a meeting and of course wanted to see Paxton!

Yesterday was also an important baby milestone, Paxton wore his first 0-3 months clothes! They are still a little big but I’m excited that he can wear them since he was wearing the same newborn clothes over and over! The even bigger milestone than fitting into 0-3 months clothes: wearing his first pair of blue jeans!

Here’s our little man in his jeans! They are big in the waist and a little too long but rolling up the legs does wonders! And of course since we were going to visit Grandpa, he wore his “Grandpa’s Sidekick” onesie!

We finally left our house around 3:00 and headed to Murfreesboro. We were surprised that we saw very little flooding during the drive, there was some water on 840 but it was so hard to imagine that just a few miles up the Interstate (both 65 and 24 that there was devastating flooding!)

Once in Murfreesboro we went to several stores and returned baby items! (What child really needs 20 3-6 month onesies!) We exchanged a few items for diapers and returned a few items for store credit (so we can later purchase 12 month and larger clothing!)

We met Grandpa at Demos’ for dinner, which was delicious! I had a steak, baked potato, sautéed mushrooms,  salad and 3 rolls (I should be ashamed but they were delicious!) And the sad thing is I could have eaten more (breastfeeding a growing baby boy keeps me hungry!)

After our dinner we went to Grandpa’s hotel room and I fed Paxton and then Grandpa held him and talked to him for about an hour and he was awake the entire time!!

Paxton hanging with Grandpa! (This picture is from our zi8…I’m quite pleased with the quality, not as good as the Nikon but considering it’s a compact video camera/camera it’s not bad at all!)

Snuggling with Grandpa! (And of course his Grandpa loved his onesie!)

After saying goodbye to Grandpa we went to visit our friends Adam and Katie and let them meet Paxton! They both enjoyed holding him and were amazed at his head full of hair! We left there around 10:00 and headed home! We finally arrived home around 11:30 and I fed Paxton and we went to bed…it was a long but fun day!

One more picture of the handsome little man!

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