It is official, I am a college graduate!! I graduated yesterday with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Communications!! I can hardly believe that I am finished with school after all of these years!

The 3 Agriculture graduates!

Getting my diploma!

Looking at my diploma! I couldn’t hardly believe I really had it!

My sweet hubby and me!

My parents!

John David’s family (Dad B. was looking at the other camera…too many cameras cause confusion!!)

After the graduation we had a lovely party at Mr. James Seay and Mrs. Virginia Lee Brown’s home. They went to church with us at First Baptist in Cookeville and are very dear friends to us.

Mr. James Seay and Mrs. Virginia Lee

We had my favorite food for lunch, tacos/taco salad, which I enjoyed and we were able to spend time with our family who were there and had a lovely afternoon.

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