Friday Fun

We had a lovely Friday! Paxton and I even started the day off dressed alike!! I’m wearing my “I love JD” shirt (I just had to have it because it says JD!!) and Paxton’s onesie says “Got dirt”! (And a few hours later, he got his “dirty” when he had a blowout…ahh life with children!!)

This is the only picture of Paxton actually looking at the camera! And notice our nice reddish-brown hair…yep he does get some of his looks from me! He is not his dad made over completely!

Once again I went through his clothes! I really think that to stay on top of what he can wear (pulling out clothes he’s outgrown and adding in what he’s growing into) that this will be an every 2 week job for awhile! I try to make it fun and play dress up (and he did really good yesterday)!!

Our sweet little monkey!! This sweet onesie has plenty of room in it so he should be able to wear it for awhile!

Here’s the little monkey onesie with the pants that go with it…SO CUTE!!

And I couldn’t resist putting him in his sleep sack!! I was thinking that he would be able to wear the sleep sacks this fall and winter but I’m thinking he’s going to outgrow them! See how long his is?

After dress up he ate and we read some stories and played! Daddy arrived home and we watched a TV show and then had family time which was nice!!

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