Four Months

Paxton is now 4 months old! We’ve had our precious bundle of joy for 1/3 of a year! Wow!

This month’s milestones:

  • Talking, talking and more talking!
  • He’s starting to play! He really loves his bunny rattle, stuffed puppy rattle and his US Navy teddy bear (from his Great Uncle Ray who is in the Navy!)
  • Laughing! Oh my goodness, talk about melting a mama’s heart! I could listen to him laughing all day long!

  • Still wearing his Bum Genius diapers on the smallest setting!
  • When he wears disposables, he’s in a size 2!
  • He’s 26 inches long and weighs 16 pounds 3 ounces! (He’s only grown 1 inch since his 2 month check-up!)
  • Still wearing mostly 6-9 month onesies and rompers (since he’s only grown an inch in two months!) but is also wearing some 12 month onesies which have plenty of room to grow! As far as pants go, he’s still in 3-6!

  • He’s drooling…a lot! He goes through bibs and onesies like crazy because they’re all wet!
  • He’s still sleeping all night long! He typically goes to bed around 9:00 and sleeps until 7:30 or 8:00! Yesterday, which was daddy’s day off, he slept until 9:00!! We’re thinking he likes to sleep like his mommy & daddy!
  • He traveled a lot as a 3-month-old! He went to visit his Nana and Papaw Cobble and then went to Virginia to meet his Great Grandmother and Grandpa Clark and all of the Clark family and also went to¬†Jonesborough! He’s a wonderful little traveler!

  • He loves daddy! Especially when daddy flies him in the air (of course he almost always drools on daddy!)
  • He loves his play mat! He now plays with all of the toys on it and even is moving around on it!
  • Enjoys sitting in his Bumbo!
  • Still enjoys bath time but hates having his neck washed!

  • He loves his mama! Mainly because I’m the one who feeds him! I’m still breastfeeding him exclusively and he’s doing just wonderful!
  • We’re enjoying our Peanut Shell sling, it’s perfect for the grocery store! I can have my sweet babe close to me and have plenty of room in the cart! Today he slept the entire time I was grocery shopping!
  • We love taking a walk out to the mail box with him in the Moby Wrap almost every day!

  • He does not like to be cradled unless he is nursing or very, very sleepy!
  • He looks at John David and me when we’re walking around!
  • We’re enjoying meals as a family now! We sit Paxton in his high chair while we eat dinner and he does so good!
  • He still loves his swing but he’s really outgrowing it!

  • His feet are absolutely precious to me! They are growing, he outgrew his adorable baby tennis shoes but is growing into some of his others (although he rarely wears shoes because he doesn’t really like them and it is so hot!)
  • He loves being read to! He listens and reaches for the pictures!
  • He is so serious when he is in new surroundings or interacting with people he isn’t around much.
  • He’s not reaching for anybody just yet.
  • No signs of separation anxiety…we’ve made conscious efforts to pass him around at church so he (hopefully) doesn’t become too clingy (especially since I stay home with him!)

  • We think he is so handsome/beautiful/precious!
  • God has blessed us with the sweet baby boy! “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.” -Psalms 127:3 NIV (And are hoping that we’ll be “rewarded” with several more children!)
  • It’s amazing how fast time is flying with this little guy! I often find myself getting sad that he’s growing up but I try to tell myself daily that he’s supposed to grow up and that he’ll never be as little as he is today so cherish him just like he is!

Paxton’s pictures from past months:

Three Months

Two Months

One Month

2 Responses to “Four Months”

  1. Sarah says:

    Great recap post. They grow up way too fast. I think him and Carsyn still have a lot in common. You look great by the way. He is so adorable and chunky. I love chunky babies. Now if only chunky was cute on adults. LOL!! Sounds like we both got good sleepers. He usually sleeps 730/8 until 630/7. Which I guess would be the same time as Paxton since you all are 1 hour ahead of us I believe. Right? I always get confused with that.

  2. Leigh Ann Werner says:

    He is just so precious! Mama you are doing good feeding your little man. I know that you are so proud of him! Paxton is almost as big as Mazie Leigh. She turned 7 months this week and went for her check up and shots. She is 27 in. and 18lbs 10oz.. Keep up the blogging, I really enjoy it!

    Leigh Ann

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