Five Years

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday, May 27th! Unfortunately, our anniversary fell on one of the busiest work weeks this year for John David! He finally arrived home around 11:00! He did bring Sonic cheese sticks and a chocolate milkshake so we had a mini anniversary date on our couch!

I wasn’t too disappointed on our anniversary since we had a 5th anniversary trip planned! We’ve been talking about and planning this trip since before Paxton was born! We left Paxton with John David’s parents and spent 2 nights without him at the same resort we honeymooned at! {Paxton did just fine and so did I!}

We ate barbeque at the same place we did 5 years before, enjoyed pizza at a local cafe we visited on our honeymoon and went to several quaint stores!

Honestly, the most enjoyable part was sleeping late and not having to be responsible for a very active little fellow who is into everything!

{And don’t you love our matching t-shirts…after 5 years I suppose couples who are still in love start dressing alike! 🙂 We wore these to church on Sunday, they are production team shirts for church that John David designed!}


And here’s a trip down memory lane:






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