Five Months

Paxton is 5 months old and such a joy in our lives!

This month’s milestones:

  • He’s mastered rolling over! He can roll quickly now and doesn’t mind being on his belly!
  • He tries to sit up when he’s lying down! I’m amazed at his strength!
  • Holds his head up perfectly which makes him really easy to carry!

  • He has the cutest laugh! I’m amazed at the things he laughs at and then that he can laugh so long!
  • He loves seeing us in the morning! (And I just love going to his crib and telling him good morning and seeing that smiles that says “mama, I love you!”)
  • He’s really interacting with his toys! Of course he chews on everything but he also is studying his toys!

  • Wearing Bum Genius diapers on the smallest setting and the medium setting! The small is a little too small and medium seems a little too big so we’re in transition!
  • In disposables, he’s comfortably wearing a 2 when he wears them but we’ll be moving to size 3 when we run out of 2s!
  • He’s still wearing the same clothes he has for a couple months now! He is in 6-9 month onesies and rompers mostly! I think it’s funny he’s been wearing some of the same clothes since he was 2 months since he’s slowed on his height growth!

  • Continually sleeping through the night! We’ve been so blessed with an amazing sleeper!
  • Still exclusively nursing and seems completely satisfied by it! (And obviously he’s not lacking!!)
  • He has adorable hair! It’s often referred to as fuzzy or fluffy and just about everybody we talk at church or out in public mentions his hair!!

  • Loves splashing in the tub!! We took a bath together a few days ago and he was splashing everywhere!!
  • Plays by himself really well! If he’s on his play mat he keeps himself entertained!
  • Still goes to anybody!! We try to consciously let other people hold him in hopes to avoid some separation anxiety!

  • He is very serious! He really studies the world around him!
  • Has the most expressive eyebrows! Oh the cute expressions this kid makes!!
  • Doesn’t care much for formula, he’d rather have mama’s milk! (I made up a 4 ounce bottle last week to see if he would take it. He took about 1 ounce while making horrible faces the entire time he was drinking it!)

  • Went through a phase of sucking on his bottom lip! It lasted about 4 days and seems to have stopped but who knows!
  • Sucks on his thumb when he’s tired! It’s precious!
  • Loves being worn in the Peanut Shell sling or Moby Wrap! (And mama loves wearing him!)

  • Beginning to sit up on his own! He can sit about a minute before toppling over!
  • Developing a little personality!
  • He’s outgrown his swing.
  • He still can fit in his gowns! We love letting him sleep in them too since it’s been so warm!

We’re looking forward to what the next month holds as he grows!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Can't believe he is 5 months already. Time goes by so fast. Carsyn had his 4 month appointment today 15lbs 1oz 24 1/4 inches long.

    I love Paxton's hair. He is so cute and chunky!

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