Firsts for Weston

Weston was 1 month on Sunday and to celebrate, he wore jeans and shoes for the first time!! He wears cotton pants all the time {because they are much more comfy} but these baby jeans are just downright precious so I had to put him in them!! They are hand me downs from Paxton and they’re so adorable! These are soft soled shoes that look just like big brothers shoes so again, just too cute to resist!

Starting to get a personality!

Look at that chub! {And he looks incredibly fat but he’s really not…it’s the cloth diapers, he’s in bumGenius with the regular insert now and they’re quite bulky on him! We put him in a ‘sposie yesterday to go to the doctor and he felt so skinny!}

Sweet little Weston looking stylish like big brother!

This is not his first bath but it is his first tub bath! The infant tub we had with Paxton is much harder to use in our bathroom and there’s nowhere to store it so we decided to give tub bathing a try and it’s actually so much easier! There were no tears, he loves the bath, he only cried when I got him out!!

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  1. Laura says:

    I think it is absolutely adorable that the wash cloth covers almost his entire body, so precious and tiny!

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