First Time in Cloth

Since we have went through a large box of newborn diapers and purchased another package of newborns on Sunday that are already half gone, I decided that it was time to give the cloth diapers a practice run and see if they fit him and also tackle the first poopy cloth diaper!

I have one Bum Genius All-in-One size small diaper, the rest are One-Size diapers (birth through potty training…except they are rather large on a newborn!) I decided to try out my All-in-One first!

Here it is! Isn’t he adorable in this diaper! It really fits him great! (He looks like an older baby in this picture too…in real life he still looks like a newborn!)

He really didn’t want to have his picture taken (but isn’t he cute?)

See, he does still look like a new baby (a very long new baby!)

My first cloth diaper experience with Paxton went very well! We had no leaks at all and yes, he did poop in the diaper. I just washed out the poop in the sink (To our friends and family, I will keep the sink disinfected so don’t worry when you come visit!)

I really have been dreading dealing with poop in the cloth diapers but it is different because he is my child! Not once have I even thought about gagging over his diapers (and believe me, they do smell but they don’t gross me out!)

Since we are still doing disposables and I am using the diaper pail for trash, I just placed the rinsed out diaper in the tub since we don’t use the tub unless we have guests! I am going to purchase a wet bag to place in the diaper pail and I will place the dirty diapers in there!

My next steps, testing out the One-Size diapers and washing them for the first time!

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  1. Mary says:

    He looks so cute! I love the BG AIOs. My little girl is 99% for height and 50% for weight so they are the only ones that fit her in the beginning. She just recently started using the Flip and the few BG Organics that we have. Didn't fit her until she was 13 pounds! We don't rinse the newborn breastfeeding poop out, just throw them in the pail (we use a garbage can with cover and a Planet Wise liner). I then run a cold rinse in the machine before washing the diapers. The poop rinses out completely in the machine and there isn't any left behind. I find it cuts down on time! We just purchased a diaper sprayer for when she starts on solids in a few months.

  2. Amy says:

    Mary— I'm suprised you don't rinse the poop out. However, I started cloth diapers when my son was just over 1 year, so perhaps that works fine!

    Rachel– we use a small plastic garbage (with a little pedal to open the top) that we got for pretty cheap at Target for our soiled diapers. We keep it under the sink, and like it especially because it has a plastic insert that can be removed and used to dump the diapers into our washer. We keep it in our guest bathroom, and even without any deodorizers, we've NEVER had any complaints about the smell. I use gdiapers, so I'm only washing the inserts, and do so every few days. Just something to try 🙂

    • Mary says:

      I plan on rinsing it once it's solid but right now it's still breastfeeding poop! I tried rinsing but found it doesn't come out very well unless you really scrub. It's so runny it usual;y soaks into the diapers. So the machine does the work and we haven't had any problems with anything left behind. I throw a downy ball with vinegar in with all my laundry to disinfect, just i case!

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