First Sunday at Church

Paxton wearing a sailor outfit that was his daddy’s when he was a baby!

I felt great Saturday so we decided that Paxton and I would go to church on Sunday! John David left home around 7:30 as usual and we decided that I would come to church around 10:00, nurse him there and go to the 11:00 service.

After he finished nursing, his proud daddy showed him off a little! Paxton and I attended the 11:00 service, we sat near the back (I typically sit up front but I didn’t want to be a distraction if I had to get up and leave with a fussy baby!)

It was so wonderful to worship with my sweet babe in my arms! We sang “How Great is Our God” and I cried looking at Paxton and marveling at how truly great our God is! He slept through the entire worship set and sermon! I did find it quite ironic that he slept through the sermon; when he was in my womb, as soon as I sat down after worship he started kicking!

I love this picture of my two men!! I find that I love my husband even more now that we have a child together!

I love my son so much! (And he originally was wearing white socks…we had a little incident while changing his diaper!)

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