First Birthday Pictures

On the 14th, it was a gorgeous day and I decided it was the day for Paxton’s birthday pictures! I dressed him in his precious birthday outfit and we went outside to snap pictures of my sweet little man! {I’m so glad I did because his birth day was cool and dreary and outside pictures wouldn’t have turned out good!}

Even though he didn’t stay still for more than 5 seconds and I didn’t get the one shot I wanted of him sitting on his bottom and looking at the camera (learning to let go of expectations!) but I managed to get some really wonderful shots of him!

Love, love, love this shot!!

He adores flowers! He is so amazed by nature!

Love this one too! I did put him on his back and he actually stayed on his back for a minute and I was able to get some cute snapshots of him!

Serious little boy! Look at those little lips!

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