Feeding Himself

The past few weeks Paxton has been learning to feed himself! He’s been eating baby puffs, cheerios and teething biscuits and improving with his self-feeding abilities!

Last night at dinner, he wasn’t letting me feed him. He wanted to touch everything on the spoon. I finally just put his mashed (not pureed!) sweet potatoes and peas on his high chair tray and he had a big time feeding himself dinner!

Babies who feed themselves dinner end up being very messy! There were sweet potatoes everywhere…in his hair, on the floor, all over his clothes, on his face, all over the high chair, I doubt he actually consumed many!

Messy but cute! And I can’t get over how adorable those little teeth are!

And the result of his messy dinner was getting clean in the tub…another one of his favorite things!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Awww! So adorable!

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