It has been a while since I last wrote, I have stayed busy between school and work this past month!

School is going pretty good, I have had tests in all of my classes and I am doing well in all of them so far! The semester will be half over at the end of this week and our Spring Break is this coming week! We don’t have any big plans for our break. We would like to go camping but that is completely dependent on the weather. (I would not enjoy sleeping in a tent if it is 40 degrees and rainy outside!)

We had our second Valentine’s Day as a married couple and we weren’t supposed to buy each other anything (at least that was the agreement!) I held up to my part of the agreement…he did not. I guess that is what good husbands do though! He bought me a Lodge Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven in Blue (which is something I have been wanting for awhile) and he gave me a beautiful tulip! I was really excited about the tulip because it is so beautiful and makes me think of Spring and I am taking an Interior Plantscaping class this semester and I have a flower of my own to take care of!!

My beautiful tulip!!

On February 15th and 16th we attended the Tennessee Alumni Convention. That was a nice little weekend trip! We both competed in the Collegiate Contests while there, John David in Extemporaneous and I competed in the Agriculture Professions Interview. I also made the Collegiate FFA Scrapbook which took a long time but turned out great! As always we enjoyed this FFA trip because we were able to see our FFA family!

My plaques for winning the Scrapbook and Agriculture Professions Interview!

Last Tuesday the School of Agriculture had a career fair which we both attended. It was the first career fair that I have attended that I have actually seriously talked to anybody about a career! It is somewhat scary but very exciting at the same time! I talked to Farm Credit, UT Extension, and of course Co-op! I would love to work for Co-op so I would have happily just stopped there but if I don’t get a job with them I want to know what else is out there and I think I would enjoy just about anything in the Agriculture field!

John David still hasn’t secured a job but we are confident that God will work everything out and we completely trust in him for our future! He graduates May 3rd which is only 2 months away! I am really excited about something new especially a new place to live! I am getting tired of our apartment, it is not the size that bothers me, it is the little things like not having a sidewalk and having to trudge through the mud to get to my car, climbing stairs, and having neighbors that we can hear through the floors and walls! Oh how I long for the quietness of country life which I took for granted when I was at home! (Living in the middle of nowhere would be amazing!!)

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