February 7-13

I haven’t updated on this blog in a while so here is a post full of pictures of the boys from February 7-13!

Wearing sweet Weston! He loves this carrier and so do I!

Our sweet little farmer! He love wearing his hat these days {since daddy wears a hat all the time!}

Running! Love it!

He’s also big into helping daddy! He received a hammer from his Aunt Pam for Christmas and he loves using his ‘ham’ outside in the shop! John David has created him a board with nails in it {that he can’t get out} for him to hammer on! And of course, he’s supervised when he’s in the shop! It’s precious watching him trying to be just like daddy!

Sweet little helper!

Little Weston is quite the chunk these days! He looks so chunky in this shot…I just love it!

Sweet baby smiles!

Paxton has quite the appetite these days so I decided to take pictures of his lunch so I could see exactly how much this boy puts away! Here’s round 1!

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

I was amazed at how much he ate!

2 peanut butter crackers

3 apple slices

3 baby carrots

5 cubes of cheese

1 banana

5 chips

handful of trail mix

We might have to up the grocery budget soon!

Weston was given his first bottle on the 13th! He did a pretty good job taking it!

This is one of my favorite pictures! We found Paxton looking like he had a goatee after he got into a box of chocolate and helped himself to a piece! Love this expression!

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