Everyday Adventures

I’m so blessed that I am able to stay home with Paxton and so thankful that my husband wants me to stay home! The days can sometimes be long but I love being with him and enjoying his antics!

It’s so hard to take a self portrait with an 8-month-old!

Paxton enjoys rides in the laundry basket! He looks cozy with the diapers!

Getting ready to ride down the hall to the nursery to stuff diapers!

Paxton now pulls up on legs and “chews”! It is cute and annoying, not to mention you’re left with a very wet leg!

We received a package this day! Paxton was very intrigued with it! He climbed all over it! (It just so happens this contains his Christmas presents from us!)

More package examination!

Our sweet boy clapping away!

Number one!!

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