Emerson’s Birthday

Last Thursday, June 17th, this precious little girl turned one! I really can’t believe she is already a year old…it still seems like she should be a teeny, tiny infant!

Little Miss Emerson is such a joy! She is full of smiles and love! She is definitely a social butterfly, I don’t think the girl has a shy bone in her body!! She is walking and has 2 teeth and is saying a few words! She is such a nurturing little girl, she loves her baby dolls and she will pat you on the back when you pick her up sometimes!!

Rebekah and Emerson at her party Saturday! Rebekah did an amazing job decorating, everything was lovely!

Opening presents with Mommy! She received several baby dolls and she loved every one of them!

She also received lots of books! Yay for books!!

And of course the cake was the highlight since she loves to eat!! She did this all on her own, messy little eater!!

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