Eleven Months

I’m behind…way behind, that’s why I’m posting Paxton’s 11 month pictures 1 week shy of his first birthday! Life has been crazy these past few weeks with the purchase of our home and moving but my dream of celebrating Paxton’s first birthday in our home (with a yard!) has came true! {Not to mention, an 11-month-old keeps any mama busy!}

This month’s milestones:





mama! {Yes he’s finally saying it but only when he’s “in distress”!}

dada and daddy {Yes, the kid is saying daddy all the time!}

“gulk” = milk


*Standing all by himself for about 30 seconds. He doesn’t stand unless he’s “tricked” though…once he realizes he’s standing, he eases himself down! This little daredevil is too afraid to walk for some reason! I’ll suppose he’ll walk when he’s ready!

*Has figured out how to turn around and ease himself down from the couch! It’s precious to watch!

*We’re still nursing! We’re definitely going to reach (and exceed) the goal of nursing to 1 year! He nurses in the morning and before bed and 2-3 times during the day.

*Is so loving! When we pick him up he’ll sometimes “love” us by patting us on the back. He also loves his stuffed animals and other babies in the nursery by patting them. I adore this…I just melt when he does it!

*Wants to eat anything I eat. I have to share all of my food!

*Wearing 12 month clothing mostly these days with a few 18 month items!

*We’re now on the final setting on our Bum Genius and all cloth diapers! I have moments when I’m afraid he’ll outgrow them but I know his growth is slowing. We’re now stuffing with an insert and doubler and then at night he sleeps in a Bum Genius cover with BG insert and a Flip insert…we’ve had no leaking problems!

*His big thing now is chugging water from his sippy cup and then opening his mouth and letting the water run out. It’s both humorous and annoying.

*Teething! He has 2 brand new shiny white teeth on the top! Thankfully we’re through this round of teething!

*His hair continues to grow and grow and grow! I trimmed his bangs a few days ago!

*Adores his books still! I hope he continues his love for books and reading!

*Loves carrying around his little farm animals that make noises. One day he noticed them on the top of the book shelf and asked for them (via pointing and grunting!) and he’s been playing with them daily ever since. He has a cow, pig, dog and horse and they each make their respective sounds! He grabs them by the neck and crawls around with them.

*Absolute joy! He provides so much laughter and humor to us. He also is a great test of patience!

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  1. Sarah says:

    So adorable! Love his hair. It is so long!

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