Eight Months

Paxton was 8 months on the 16th! He’s becoming more like a little boy every day and is so much fun!

This month’s milestones:
*Crawling! He started crawling the Sunday before Thanksgiving and he crawls so fast now!
*Pulling up on everything and “cruising” around!

*Climbing! He’s becoming more adventurous!
*In his convertible car seat. We changed out car seats when he turned 8 months!

*Has 2 teeth! His first tooth poked through on November 28!
*Makes all kinds of noise but no words! He’s no longer saying “da da” and “ma ma” but he’s grunting and beginning to make different noises for things and we’re beginning to figure out what some of them mean.

*He has quite an appetite! He stopped eating foods for a few days while he was teething but since the teeth broke through he’s been eating a lot! He’s beginning to eat some table food, we’ve given him potatoes, bread, mashed carrots and cantaloupe.
*He’s still nursing! He sometimes goes about 4 hours during the day between feedings now that he’s eating breakfast, lunch and dinner but frequently is nursing every 3 hours.

*Still doesn’t like naps! He goes and goes and goes! I do frequently hold him and let him sleep or lay down and take a nap with him for my sake!
*Wearing BumGenius diapers on the second setting still and in size 4 disposables (which are a little big but less likely to have blowouts!)

*Wearing some 6-9 clothing still but mostly 9-12 months!
*Weighs about 21 pounds! He’s heavy!

*Loves taking baths! Whenever we go into the bathroom, he pulls up on the tub and peers in! He plays so hard in the tub!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I still can't believe how much older he seems. Cute photos.

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