Eating Chili

The other night, we had chili for dinner and I fed Paxton. He was hungry and was eating it but between bites he was crying and the only thing we could figure was that he wanted to feed himself. However, I did not want my 17-month-old to feed himself chili…can you say mess?

Well, the next day at lunch, I decided to give him a chance and see how he’d do. I stripped him down to his diaper and socks and gave him his own bowl and spoon.

The results were what I expected, although I was surprised at his ability to eat chili with his hands. {He’s pretty good with a fork since he can stab things but not so good with a spoon!}

He was quite proud that he was feeding himself and I knew it was nothing a nice spraying down followed by a bath couldn’t take care of!One more step towards independence! Although, he’ll only be eating chili by himself at home with no clothes on…


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