Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Friday we had no class so we were able to sleep in which is always wonderful!! We spent most of the day doing some more spring cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing getting rid of things for our big move! I am so excited about moving!!

Saturday John David’s parents and Jill came in to visit for Easter. We went to the Dipsy Doodle for lunch and then went to Burgess Falls for a nice springtime hike.

The big waterfall…it is breathtaking!!!

I snapped these pictures when they were all looking at the waterfall and didn’t know I was taking pictures.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday, very relaxing and restful.

Monday morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow! We went back to school and had a pretty good day at school. I have a lot of tests and projects coming up in the next few weeks but I am going to take it a day at a time!!
Monday evening my parents came to visit with us on their way to my grandparents. We haven’t seen them since Christmas so I was very excited they decided to stop and visit with us!! They brought me a quilt rack that my daddy made for me!! I was so excited about it!!

It is so beautiful. It is made of black walnut from my Grandpa’s farm!! I am so excited because I have been wanting a good quality quilt rack for a while! This one is a real treasure because my daddy made it for me!! Now I just have to make more quilts to go on it!!

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