Due Date Day

December 31 was Weston’s due date! Of course, since he was early, we woke up to a 9 day old!! We started off the last day of 2011 hanging out in bed!

Our sweet boys!

Paxton loves brother!!

Not the most flattering picture ever but it tells a story…Paxton is always eating and I’m always drinking water!!

Our lovely and cheerful child eating breakfast…ahh, toddlerhood!

Sweet little Weston!!

Our precious bright eyed boy!

Nana and Papaw came to visit the boys! Nana enjoyed some sweet Weston snuggles!

And Paxton had a blast with Papaw!!

Celebrating Weston’s due date!!

Still can’t believe he’s in our arms!

Sweet little face!

We love this sweet boy!!

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