Dressed Alike

Paxton and I dressed alike Saturday for gameday! We both wore Vols shirts with black pants!!

(I’m sure you thought there would be really cute pictures of Paxton dressed like his daddy…sorry! I’ll work on taking some little man pictures soon…he has several adorable long sleeve button ups!!)

Isn’t he cute?

Love this sweet sleepy smile!!

Look at his precious little lips!!

Smiling for daddy!!

We were both all dressed up for gameday but no game was watched! Between our yard sale and packing there was no time left for anything else (except nursing and diaper changes of course!)

2 Responses to “Dressed Alike”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is so sweet. Love your matching outfits.

  2. AnnaG says:

    I live in ga to!

    Where exactly did you move to?

    Email me please!


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