Dress Up

Since Paxton is growing so fast, I’ve learned that I have to constantly look through his clothes, pulling out things he’s outgrown and putting bigger items in his drawers (or he’d outgrow them before he’d get to wear them!)

This morning I went through his clothes, trying a few things on him and I snapped a few pictures of the dress up process…I kind of felt like I was 8 again and playing with a baby doll, only this baby got a little fussy towards the end!

Looking at these pictures I’m amazed that he looks like a little boy in some and a little baby in others and they were all taken within 30 minutes of each other!

Looking quite handsome in his FFA onesie from one of our FFA friends, Jennifer!!

Of course I just love this one since it says “Mommy” on it!!

Adorable little outfit from Aunt Jill!

Check out those pointed little toes!

Wearing his camo onesie from his grandmother!! He’s all ready to go hunting…just too young to go!

Sitting up so good in his Bumbo!!

We’re kind of at an “in-between” spot with his jeans! His 0-3 month pair fit but they look a little short! (He’s been wearing these jeans 2 months now! Here they are 2 months ago so you can see how much he’s grown!)

However, the 3-6 month jeans swallow him at this point! (And isn’t that FFA onesie adorable??)

I suppose he’ll wear the 0-3 month pair another week or two!

Sweet little puppy overalls! This outfit has some room in it so I’m hoping he’ll be able to wear it the rest of the summer!

And then he was finished playing dress up (but isn’t he cute in this button up?)

2 Responses to “Dress Up”

  1. Kelly says:

    He is just precious! I love all the outfits!! You don't find too many outfits that say "I love Mommy" on them! Most say "I love Daddy" which I'm cool with too…just sayin' 🙂

  2. 7amshop says:

    What a lovely baby! You are blessed to have such a cute baby. Congratulations!

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