Diaper Tales



Tuesday was one of those days! Monday Paxton started to develop a bad diaper rash (which we’ve never dealt with before, thankfully!) He woke up Tuesday morning around 4:30 and had poo’d. It was all over his bottom and he was hurting and didn’t want me cleaning off his bottom  so I had to wake John David up for help. We were able to get him cleaned up, gave him some milk and put him back to bed. This was only the beginning!

He woke up around 9:15 with another poopy diaper. I took his diaper off and carried him to the tub to rinse off his bottom with warm water so I didn’t have to rub his bottom at all. While he was in the tub, he pee’d!

When I got him out of the tub I dried him off and figured since he just pee’d that I would let him run around naked for a little while so his bottom could air out. Not 2 minutes after drying him, I look over to see him peeing in his bedroom floor. {Thankfully on the hardwood and not the rug!} I grab him, carry him to the bathroom and as soon as we get in there he pees again! {At this point I’m thinking, where does this kid keep all this pee!}

I wash him off again and put a pre-fold on with a snappi without a cover for air flow! He goes off and starts to play!

About 9:45 or so (a mere 20 minutes after peeing in the floor twice) he comes to me with his snappi half off and the pre-fold is wet! {Again, I’m thinking, how did he pee again?!}

So we walk to the bathroom so I can take off the pre-fold and just dump it in the diaper pail. As soon as the pre-fold comes off, he pees and pee and pees! I figure he has to be out of pee now so I let him roam naked once again!

About 5 minutes later, I’m sitting at my desk and he comes up to me and pees all over my legs! At this point I say forget the whole airing out his bottom thing because I’ve cleaned up 4 big puddles of pee in less than 30 minutes! I put him in a pocket diaper!


I’m guessing his bottom was itching a little because I found him with his little crack showing! Incredibly cute!!

That afternoon I decided to put him in a disposable so I could put diaper cream all over his little bum. He wasn’t in the disposable long until he had done this:

So funny! He was just walking around as content as can be with his bum hanging out!

Tuesday was certainly full of humor for me but it was quite  a bit of work! Throughout the day he poo’d about 5 times and every time I brought him to the tub and rinsed his bottom off. Of course the events of the day were funny but I felt so bad for Paxton and his poor bottom. Thankfully it didn’t seem to bother him too much and he was acting like himself as long as I wasn’t changing his diaper!

We’ve kept diaper cream on him throughout the week and finally today his bottom is looking almost normal. I’m so thankful he hasn’t dealt with diaper rash much and has only had one severe rash. My heart goes out to mamas and babies that deal with constant rash.


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