We dressed the babies up and took a ton of pictures of them! Of course since they are 8 months and 18 months, there were only a few that turned out good but they are still absolutely precious pictures!

Emmy was so loving towards Paxton! She treated him like he was her baby! I don’t think she realized that he is almost as big as she is!! {Isn’t it hard to believe these kids are 10 months apart…they look about the same age since he’s a big boy and she’s a tiny girl!}

She pushes, he rides! {And I was shocked she could push him since he weighs as much as she does and surprised at Paxton’s ability to hold himself up so well!}

Riding along!

Right before they fell over!

These two are just heartwarming together…almost makes me want to have a very close in age sibling for Paxton!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Aww! So sweet. My friend has girls that are 18 months apart. They are so cute. I think Paxton is ready for a sibling. 🙂

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