Circuit City Grand Opening

This afternoon we went a Circuit City Grand Opening. John David left work a few minutes early and we got to the store at 4:30. It opened at 6 but we got there at 4:30 to get $50 gift cards! We were the 85th and 86th people in line!! Our waiting was a small adventure in itself…

…it rained

The rain wasn’t so bad at first then it started pouring for about 10 minutes and we got wet…not soaked… just nice and wet. But the rain and clouds was a lot better than the July heat and humidity I suppose!

We decided to put our money together and we got:

They were $98 something with tax so we have about $1.60 left on one of the cards! We have been looking at Bose speakers for awhile and since we had $100 we decided to get them!!

Here are the speakers in their new home ready to make the Mac Book Pro sound awesome!!

This evening my parents arrived to spend graduation weekend with us! They brought garden produce with them, fresh blackberries, peaches, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, corn, and Mom’s blackberry jam (the best!!) We had fried pork chops, rice and corn for dinner and everything was yummy!

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