Church Baby Shower

March 21st we were given a baby shower at church. This shower was hosted by 12 wonderful ladies who work in the church office, pastor’s wives and ladies who are on the library committee (the library is one of my favorite places at church!) The shower was farm themed which was so cute!

The cake! Adorable and yummy!

They decorated the table with the Little People Farm that was on my registry! Not only was it cute, I was very excited about having the Little People Farm! (It’s now sitting on Paxton’s dresser as a nursery decoration until he is old enough to play with it and “farm” with his daddy!)

Since John David works at church and some of the ladies who hosted are his co-workers, he came to this shower and helped me open gifts!

Baby Wrangler’s for Paxton! They are definitely daddy approved!

Look at these tiny little pants! They are newborn pants, I just couldn’t get over the preciousness of the tiny pants! (And see all of those sleepers…Sharlene blessed us with these, we needed sleepers!)

One of our favorites…it says, “Daddy Loves Me!” So precious!

All of our gifts! We have been so blessed with gifts for our son! God has abundantly taken care of our needs!

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