Christmas Visit

We spent the first part of this week at Nannie and Grandaddy’s and what a wonderful and relaxing time it was! It was so wonderful to have help with the “baby wrangling” too!

Paxton had fun with his cousin Emerson and the rest of the family had a blast watching the two of them interact – it’s absolutely precious!

Paxton playing with Great Grandma! He actually could ride that little bus – I was just amazed that he had the ability to hold himself up!

Practicing walking with Grandma!

More walking!

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Billy gave him this cow! He loves it!

Playing with the newest addition to the toy herd! (And of course he chewed all over it!!)

Rebekah and I decided to let the kids exchange the gifts that we purchased for them and have fun opening and playing with their presents while we were together!

Emerson was getting the hang of unwrapping!

Playing with the magnetic animals that Paxton gave Emerson! She loves animals and the kids really liked playing with these!

Of course Paxton is at the age that he would just rather chew on the gifts instead of open them…that is his first reaction!

Actually doing a little unwrapping!

More unwrapping attempts! This gift was Little People- a farmer girl and 2 cows for his farm!

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