Christmas :: Part 1


This Christmas is definitely one we’ll never forget! We never imagined that we’d be celebrating Christmas this year with a precious baby boy in our arms! We were convinced Weston wouldn’t arrive until after Christmas, in fact at my last mid-wife appointment 6 days before he was born, we were told we’d be back in the office at our next check up and wouldn’t have a baby until after Christmas! Instead, he was born 3 days before Christmas and we were home on the 23rd!

We’re so thankful for this new addition to our family and loved celebrating the birth of two baby boys on Christmas day!


Here’s what Christmas morning looked at our home:


A little humor to start off the morning! Paxton was still lugging around his guitar and for some reason when he saw the cameras come out he stuck his finger up his nose! Too funny not to share this one!


Mimi bought the boys matching jammies, I never would have thought they’d be wearing them together on Christmas Day! 


Paxton loves kissing Weston when he ‘holds’ him! Talk about heartwarming!!


Loving on brother! 


Our little family on Christmas morning! One adorable toddler and a precious newborn!


Paxton was rockin’ with his new guitar! This child has moves!!


His new trike! He loved it!


Riding…he’s not quite got the hang of peddling but we’re confident he will come spring!


Trike handle bars make excellent microphones for imaginative toddlers!


Nothing like a mini-concert by a 20-month-old on Christmas morning!


More jammin’!!


Opening presents…he was getting the hang of this present opening thing!


Ooo…a new ornament!!A new book! He loves animals!!

To be continued….


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