Christmas on the Knob

This past Saturday we had Christmas with the Cobble family! We gathered at 10 for brunch which was delicious! You can’t go wrong with biscuits, gravy, fried chicken and hash brown casserole with a big glass of chocolate milk!

Paxton did a pretty good job opening his presents, he starting to get the hang of it! (I didn’t do a good job taking pictures, most of the ones I took were of Paxton and then I didn’t get him opening all of his gifts. There was just too much excitement playing with his toys to take pictures!)

Our little Christmas gift!

Paxton received a walker/rider from Uncle Bobby and Aunt Pat! (The first day we tried it, it moved too fast for him to stand up and walk but the next day he was already getting the hang of it! He’ll probably be walking even faster thanks to his little lion!)

When you push the lion’s nose it roars!

Paxton had plenty of laps to sit on!

All day he kept sticking his little tongue out.

Even with all the fun toys to play with, Paxton enjoyed playing with boxes!

Paxton showed off his pulling up skills! He loved “talking” to cousin Rayne!

We played Dirty Santa and John David’s mom ended up with a cap gun which her “little boy” stole and started playing with! I have a feeling Paxton’s toys will be taken away in the future!

Spending time with Aunt Jill!

While we were at Nana’s, Paxton learned how to climb stairs! I’m so glad we don’t have any stairs in our condo!

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  1. Sarah says:

    How fun!! Great photos.

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