Christmas Morning

We had a lovely Christmas morning! We slept until 8:00 and then cooked breakfast! We had pork chops, hash browns, biscuits, and monkey bread!

After breakfast we read the Christmas story and opened presents! There were lots of surprises under the tree for each other!

Our beautiful tree on Christmas Eve!

Mac the Christmas Dog! He’s so cute with his gold Christmas ribbon!

Jill was with us on Christmas Eve & Christmas morning!

My thick, pink wool socks from John David! So cozy!

John David’s Mag Lite from me!

John David’s “toy”, a Nerf gun!

Opening a present from John David!

Oh my goodness…it’s a BlackBerry!

After giving me my BlackBerry he pulls one out from under the tree for himself! He got them buy one, get one so he was able to buy me a present & get one too!! Yay!!

Our new BlackBerry’s & Otter Box cases! Now I, too, can blog & tweet from my phone!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning and enjoyed surprising each other with wonderful gifts but we are most grateful for the birth of Jesus & our ultimate gift, salvation!

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