Christmas in West Tennessee

Yesterday we left to visit my family in West Tennessee to celebrate Christmas! We had a fun time exchanging gifts! For a 6 month old Emerson was really active and into her presents! She actually opened one of them (with a little help from her Mommy)! She also enjoyed playing with her new toys!

My sister Rebekah and Me

Emerson opening a present from us

She likes her blocks!

Mom opening one of her presents

Emerson wearing her hat and scarf John David’s mom made!! So cute!!

The game of Life!! He’s humoring me with the expression!

Pyrex from my mom! I just might finally be able to get rid of all of my plastic storage!!

Daddy’s Bass Pro gift card…he always gets them for Christmas!

Mother Goose book from Nanny and Granddaddy! They gave one of these to Paxton and Emerson…the funny thing was I was given some books while Rebekah was visiting me in me and October and there was a Mother Goose book in the box that we both wanted…I let her take it with her but told her I wanted it back once Paxton was born! We both thought it was funny that she bought us these!

Sleep Sack from Rebekah!

Beka opening her “funny” present…I gave her a warning so she’s already laughing!!

We gave Mom and Dad a web cam so they can video chat with Paxton (and we can with Emerson now too!)

Emerson playing with her Rock a Stack from us! (Nanny & Granddaddy gave Paxton one too!!)

We had a wonderful Christmas together!

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