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A Little Comparison

I love comparing pictures of my boys! I know comparison is bad but they’re just babies! Sometimes I’ll put Weston in an outfit and it will trigger a memory of Paxton and he reminds me of Paxton as a baby!

7 weeks

A few days ago, Weston was wearing a white shirt and pants. He spit up on his pants so I took them off and he had a blue diaper on. I immediately remembered that I had pictures of Paxton wearing a white shirt with a blue diaper:

5 weeks 5 days

Here are shots of the boys wearing the same outfit. There’s only a 3 day age difference in the two shots!

7 weeks 2 days

7 weeks 5 days

Weston is quite a bit chunkier than Paxton was! It’s absolutely amazing to me that he’s bigger than his brother was at the same age since he was nearly 2 pounds lighter at birth!


Here are the brothers! This is probably the best picture we have of both of them together so far! {Excuse Paxton’s lack of clothing…he’s in this phase where he LOVES taking his clothes off and running around in his diaper!}

Our Little Reader

Paxton helps with laundry.

When Mama Works

Working from home has become more challenging with each passing month! The first couple of months, I would work with Paxton in the Moby Wrap or he would contentedly lie on his play mat.

As he’s gained mobility working has been harder! The past couple of months I’ve had to work in spurts, 15 minutes here and there, maybe 30 minutes when he’s sleeping, wake up early or stay up late!

Next week is deadline week so I’m working again. Since he doesn’t like to be left alone, the high chair is my best friend! I’ll give him a handful of Cheerios and he’ll munch on them which usually takes 30 minutes! Once he finishes his Cheerios, I’ll hand him his sippy cup of water and he drinks and plays with that for awhile. Then I start handing him toys! I’ve been able to work in 2 hour increments this way! {He starts to get a little cranky and quite frankly I need a break too! I change his diaper, nurse him if it’s time and we play!}

Christmas tree up in 1 minute

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