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My Wedding Scrapbook is Finished

Well, 2 years, 3 months, and 27 days later I finally have finished our wedding scrapbook! I am so excited to be finished! I started it shortly after we were married and would work on it during Christmas and Summer break but had never completed it…until now!!

I pulled the book and pictures out yesterday determined to complete it but almost didn’t even start because I had no yellow paper! Instead I found my scraps (with very little yellow) and one 12×12 sheet of black paper and I truly “scrap” booked 22 pages!! Since I didn’t have much paper I put lots of pictures on each page, I am very happy with each page that I did and amazed that I was able to complete 22 pages with so little! Here are a few of the pages!

The page on the left was already completed (all the “wasted” paper) but the page on the right was the first one I completed!

One of my favorites, the grandparents page. We were blessed that all of our grandparents were at our wedding!

Another favorite…the tractor page! We left on John David’s tractor!!

I really like this page, these are my favorite dating pictures. They were used on the table where our guest registry was and I found the yesterday when I was cleaning out pictures, since they were already mounted on the yellow paper I knew they would make a great page!

This page was already completed but I had to share because I just like it so much!

John David and I just looked through the scrapbook together, I am so glad it is finished so we can remember our wedding day and our children will be able to look through the pages and see details of our wedding!

4th of July

We have had a wonderful, laid back 4th of July! We actually went to FFA Camp yesterday to do some filming for a promotional video for the state officers to take to chapter visits. We arrived there around 10:30 and spent yesterday filming all the fun things that go on at camp! We really had a great time there! John David ended up as the DJ for the camp dance last night and everybody had a blast…we even danced and he spun me! I am learning!! Camp ended this morning and we headed back home, stopping in Murfreesboro for barbeque.

Us at camp!! (This picture was taken on John David’s Blackberry…it looks amazing to me!!)

When we got home we were tired from staying up late last night so we laid down and rested…how nice to climb in the bed and relax!! I spent some time on one of my most recent projects, cross-stitching a baby bib for an upcoming shower…I am almost finished!

He caught some of the exciting cross-stitching action!!

We also began working on another project, refinishing a chair! We got this chair from Mom B. and I absolutely love it. It has a crack in the seat and is missing a spindle but we are trying to make it into a beautiful dining chair!! We worked on stripping off all the paint tonight! I haven’t decided if I want to stain it or paint it black.

The chair!!

John David hard at work…he is much better at these things than I am!!

So that was pretty much our 4th of July, no big party or cookout, just enjoying a day together doing the things we like to do and enjoying the simple pleasures of life!

John David’s Project

John David finished his project that he was working on this weekend! It turned out really good and it is going to be very useful for him for syncing his video clips for editing!

My creative and handsome hubby!

It turned out really good! I found the boot at Hobby Lobby and told him he just had to have it and he didn’t argue!

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