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38 Weeks


Today marks 38 weeks! I am really in disbelief that we’re 2 weeks from the due date! I am feeling too good to be this pregnant! Of course, I am so thankful that I am 38 weeks pregnant and still feel wonderful! I’m still able to cuddle Paxton {I even rocked him to sleep one day this week!} I have no trouble putting him in his crib, bathing him or carrying him. And just this afternoon I painted my own toenails…pretty toenails are a must for delivery, right?

The only time I really ‘feel’ pregnant is right when I’m crawling into bed at night. Lately this is when Weston is ready to party, he goes crazy in my belly! I’ve found that putting my belly on John David’s back makes this a little less uncomfortable. My back does hurt a bit at night and rolling over takes quite a bit of effort. However, this is my only complaint, I think I can deal with 15 minutes of discomfort a day!

We had a checkup yesterday and I was about 50% effaced and only about a 1/2 centimeter dilated. I am completely okay with my lack of progress, I really am in no hurry for him to be born! It’s funny the difference in first and second babies, with Paxton we were incredibly impatient and with Weston we’re content with him waiting as long as he would like! {I suppose since we know parenting is much easier when baby is still inside mama!} We are thrilled about welcoming Weston but we know he’ll be here before we know it so there’s no need to wish these last few days away.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of me in the same dress that we took our 38 week picture with Paxton. It’s basically the same angle. {There is a shadow on the one we took today.} I still think my belly is smaller now than it was with Paxton. And as of yesterday I weighed 10 pounds less than I did at 39 weeks with Paxton so I am about 8-10 pounds lighter this go round!


38 weeks with Paxton!

And here’s the handsome big brother! He did not want to have his picture taken with mama so we gave him a cracker to keep him somewhat happy!


35 Weeks


Somehow I’ve let 3 weeks go by since my last belly picture! I suppose it’s because this is baby number two and Paxton keeps us busy!

At 35 weeks pregnant, I’m still feeling really good. I keep expecting to be miserable with each passing week but so far it’s not been bad at all! My energy level is still pretty high, I think nesting is kicking in! I’ve been knocking out small projects here and there and trying to do my best to plan for the postpartum period {making lists of easy meals, steps to washing diapers, etc.} Last night I started writing out our labor/hospital bag lists and a packing list for Paxton’s bag. Of course, writing lists is easy but packing is another thing!


Weston is so active! Something {I think it’s an elbow or a foot} keeps jabbing me in the left side, it’s slightly uncomfortable but at the same time its really cool. Most nights he is so active, he just rolls and rolls around in my belly and my belly keeps changing shape! It’s so amazing to watch.


I am in disbelief that we have 31 days to go! I have mixed emotions right now, on one hand I don’t feel ready to be a mama to two but at the same time I’m so excited about having a new baby and to watch Paxton interact with his brother!! Now that we’re so close to the due date, I find myself wondering more and more what he’s going to look like and what will he weigh!!!

My cloth diaper stash is ready {at least I think so right now!} If he weighs 7 pounds or less at birth I may purchase a few newborn diapers to use for those first few weeks but if he’s 8 pounds or more, I’m confident he’ll be able to fit in the diapers I have by 2 or 3 weeks!

I’ve got swaddle blankets ready, newborn clothes washed and tucked in his dresser drawer, about all we need is a package or two of diapers for those first few days and we’re completely ready for baby!


Here’s another shot of the 35 week belly!

And here I am at 35 weeks with Paxton:



I think my belly looks bigger with Paxton! {I can’t help but hope this means that Weston will be a little smaller than his big brother was at birth…we’ll see in 31 days or so!!}


Here’s the adorable big brother! He’s getting so big!!


Love this sweet little face!!Paxton loves my belly! He’ll pull my shirt up, laugh at my belly button and rub my belly! When we ask him where brother is he either points at my belly or his belly! It’s so cute!!


32 Weeks

It’s been 3 weeks since I took a picture of my belly! Weston’s growing!! I’m definitely looking quite pregnant and putting on socks, shoes and bending over is getting to be quite difficult!

Thankfully my energy has come back and we rearranged all the rooms in the house and I’ve organized all 3 closets! The boys closet is the biggest closet in our house so last week I worked on a clothing organization system! I’ve just been tucking all of Paxton’s outgrown clothes into a large tote but now that I have another baby coming and will have two kids, I needed a different system! Each of the boys have 2 sweater boxes with clothes they’ll be growing into within the next year on the top shelf of the closet. I’ll probably still store some of the clothes {like the ones they won’t grow into for a year or more} in the large tote. Getting this knocked out has me feeling even more ready for Weston’s arrival!

While organizing the clothes, I put all of Weston’s newborn clothes in a drawer and the 0-3 months in the bottom drawer since he’ll quickly grow into those! It’s so exciting to open these drawers and see all the sweet tiny clothes and think that in 8 weeks we’ll have another precious little man wearing them!

We’re planning a little in regards to where Paxton will go when I go into labor and I’m making a post partum list of really simple meals that we can easily put together. I’m also working on a list of basic chores, like how to wash diapers {since it’s not as simple as putting the diapers in the wash, adding detergent and washing.} I’m also planning another “de-cluttering sweep” in the next few weeks so our house will be even easier to maintain. It seems the less clutter around, the easier it is to keep our house maintained and that will be very important when adjusting to life with 2!

Weston is a crazy man! He moves all over my belly and is so much more active than his brother ever was! I’m not in any pain or horrible discomfort but I do sometimes feel like I’ve been punched!

And now, here’s some comparison for fun:

With Paxton at 32 weeks! I do believe my belly looks much bigger here!

And for more fun:
With Paxton at 31 weeks…

And Weston at 32 weeks. Even though I’m a week ahead with Weston, I think I look quite a bit smaller. I also think it looks like I’m carrying Weston lower than I carried Paxton. Maybe a smaller belly means a smaller baby…maybe only 7.5 pounds instead of 8.5!! {And I’ve been measuring exactly on track throughout this whole pregnancy so I’m positive the dates are right.}

And a little more fun…here I am at 12 weeks in the same shirt! Wow…what a difference 20 weeks can make!

And here’s the precious big brother:

The best smile we got out of him!! He wasn’t exactly excited to be taking pictures with mama!

Wanting daddy to hold him! And I’ve been absolutely amazed that I’m still able to comfortably carry my 26 pound toddler with this growing belly! It’s amazing how mama’s adapt to take good care of their babies! Although, sometimes I don’t think Weston is thrilled that I’m holding Paxton, he’ll kick really hard which is somewhat uncomfortable for me!

29 Weeks


Yesterday marked 29 weeks! Everything is still going well. Weston is still moving all the time which I love {except at night when I’m trying to sleep!}

The biggest pregnancy issue was my sugar test last week. I did just fine during my pregnancy with Paxton and didn’t think anything of this one at all. I drank the drink just fine but within 5 minutes I was feeling horrible, like about to pass out. When the midwife came into the room, she said I looked white as a ghost! She gave me some water and a damp towel and allowed me to wait in the room lying down in the dark for the remainder of the hour and they took my blood lying down. I was so embarrassed that I had an issue! I could feel that sugar in my body though and it was horrible!! Thankfully I got the results this week and I passed so no more sugar tests until baby #3! {I’m seriously considering refusing next time!}

The past week or so I’ve had low energy and motivation but I’m forcing myself to be productive. I’m ready for nesting to kick in full gear so I’ll be motivated to knock a lot of projects out!

Even with my low motivation, we’ve decided to do a room switch here! Paxton’s room is the smallest room in the house and there is not room for 2 cribs, the dresser and changing table so we’re moving the boys to our room. We’re going to be moving to the actual master bedroom which is bigger than our room and has a half bath {when we moved in we didn’t like the master since it has a door leading out to the pool deck but we’ve since decided that’s not a big deal!}. And we’re moving the office/guest room to the current nursery. Yesterday we knocked out about 90% of cleaning out the current guest room closet and moving stuff to the new guest room closet! We’ve still got lots to do but I’m not feeling overwhelmed and I’m quite excited about the changes and nesting in a new nursery!

29 weeks with Paxton:


I think I look smaller here {yikes!} I do think it looks like I’m carrying Weston lower!


Big brother! He wasn’t thrilled to have his picture taken with mama! This is the best shot we got!



For laughs:


Wanting down! Notice his leg shelf…ha ha! I’ve been holding him higher since my waist is not what it used to be! I don’t know what’s going to happen when I get bigger…I suppose it’s time to start making him walk more even though carrying is so much easier!A decent shot of Paxton and me too except for him pulling at my shirt, silly boy!



Growing Belly

While playing outside one afternoon with Paxton and taking pictures of him, I saw my shadow on our garage and had to take a picture of my silhouette! I love the way this turned out!! Baby Weston is growing!!


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