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Ten Months


Weston was 10 months on October 22 {here are his milestone from 9 to 10 months}:

  • Cut 3 new teeth. The top middle two and a right top tooth.
  • Cruising.
  • Standing up on his own without pulling up and standing for 1 minute or so.

  • Becoming very friendly. He’s now charming people everywhere we go.
  • He let’s us know (by growling!) when he’s not happy.
  • Clapping.

  • Can build a 2 block tower.
  • Loves knocking towers over (frustrates his brother.)
  • Is very curious. He tries to get in unlocked cabinets any chance he has and loves the toilet. We’re keeping the bathroom doors closed at all times.

  • Nursing every 3-4 hours still.
  • Still nursed to sleep every night and is not a napper.
  • Wearing mostly 12 month clothes.
  • Playing with his brother and starting to ‘fight’ over toys.

Nine Months

Weston is now 9 months old! {He was 9 months on September 22!}

This month’s milestones:

  • Weighs 21 pounds 5 ounces and is 30 inches long!
  • Has 3 teeth. Two on the bottom and one on top.
  • Crawling like a pro. He’s everywhere!

  • Pulling up and letting go. He’s able to stand up to 10 seconds.
  • Eating just about everything we eat now.
  • Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and for comfort.

  • Still not napping regularly.
  • Starting to play with Paxton.
  • In largest setting in his bumGenius diapers.

  • Outgrowing most 9 month items and wearing mostly 12 months.
  • Still sleeping through the night in spite of teething. {So thankful!}
  • Loves bathtime!

  • Enjoys playing outside {and eating grass!}
  • Has the best laugh.

Eight Months

Now that Weston’s almost 9 months old, I’m finally sharing his 8 month pictures! {This blog is super neglected!}

Weston is turning into a toddler more and more everyday and it’s so much fun to watch! I’m loving watching his personality emerge!

Milestones from seven to eight months:

  • Has 2 teeth – the bottom two!
  • Crawling.
  • Pulling up.

  • Loves eating! He’s still eating homemade baby foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, etc.
  • Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day.
  • Still only napping in the car or in my arms.

  • Very interested in big brothers toys.
  • In the largest setting in his bumGenius diapers.
  • Still in 6-9 month clothes and wearing some 12 months things regularly.
  • Still a high needs baby but is such a joy who is teaching me how important daily reliance on God is in parenting!

More shots of this precious baby boy:

Seven Months

Weston was 7 months on July 22. Here are his milestones from six to seven months:

  • Very first tooth. It popped through on his 7 month birthday.
  • Army crawling – he’s able to move where he wants to.
  • Sitting up! He officially started sitting on the 15th!
  • Looking like a big boy. His hair is growing and with his sitting abilities, he looks so big!

  • Loves eating. He eats about 1/4 cup of food at lunch and supper. So far he’s had sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, squash, zucchini, apples and pears.
  • Still nursing every 3 to 4 hours.
  • Sleeping through the night but refuses to nap during the day unless he’s in the car.
  • I finally found an accurate description of him – a high needs baby. He always wants to be held and never wants to be alone.

  • Loves playing with his big brothers toys, especially his drum sticks and guitar.
  • We lowered his crib. John David stood him up in it and said we’re going to need to lower this soon. He then laid Weston down, left the room and I turned around to see Weston trying to pull up. The crib was lowered that night!
  • Still in the largest setting in his bumGenius diapers.
  • Still wearing 6-12 month shirts/one pieces and 12 to 24 month bottoms.

Six Months

Sweet Weston was 6 months old on June 22! It’s hard to believe he’s closer to turning one than to the day he was born!

As each month passes, I find myself falling more and more in love with this little guy. I have loved both of my boys at birth but that love just grows and grows as I get to know them better and we form a relationship.

Weston is still one chunky baby…I love his rolls!

Milestones from Five to Six Months:

  • Started solids. I started him about 2 weeks before he was six months old because he was really interested in food. He just seemed to know what to do as far as eating goes but his body wasn’t ready yet. After a few days, I went back to exclusively breastfeeding and started up on foods again once he hit the 6 month mark.
  • Almost sitting up. He leans forward but almost there!
  • Rolling and moving himself all around.
  • Loves to be held. This is both good and bad. I love, love, love that his favorite place to be is in my arms but it makes the days when I’m home with both boys long because he doesn’t want to be put down.
  • Loves nursing. He’d nurse pretty much all day if I’d let him.
  • Not napping! This is another tough trait. I can’t really complain too much since he does sleep through the night but not having a break during the day is difficult. He’s over tired but will not sleep and I’ve tried everything!

  • Adores his brother! They’re really interacting and starting to play together.
  • Getting interested in his brother’s toys. Paxton is not too excited about sharing with brother though!
  • Got into the diapers for the first time. I heard Paxton saying, “No, no Weston!” and turned around to see Weston pulling the diapers off of the bottom of the changing table!
  • Wearing the largest bumGenius setting! He’s a chunky boy!
  • Still wearing a variety of clothing sizes. I’ve finally packed away the last of the 3 month items. Most of his summer rompers are 9 months and I’m hoping they’ll fit throughout the rest of the summer. He’s wearing anywhere from 6-12 month shirts and bodysuits and 12-24 month bottoms! The wonderful thing about him being a second baby is I can ‘shop’ Paxton’s clothes…he wears Paxton’s shorts quite frequently!
  • Loves drinking water out of a cup! I suppose it makes him feel like a big boy since that’s what we all do!
  • Has the best belly laughs!
  • Still chewing on his fingers and everything he can pick up but no evidence of teeth.
  • Loves being worn. My Ergo is wonderful…he does so well in it when we’re out and about and it’s nice to put him in it on those days when I have to get a few things done around the house.

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