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Five Years

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday, May 27th! Unfortunately, our anniversary fell on one of the busiest work weeks this year for John David! He finally arrived home around 11:00! He did bring Sonic cheese sticks and a chocolate milkshake so we had a mini anniversary date on our couch!

I wasn’t too disappointed on our anniversary since we had a 5th anniversary trip planned! We’ve been talking about and planning this trip since before Paxton was born! We left Paxton with John David’s parents and spent 2 nights without him at the same resort we honeymooned at! {Paxton did just fine and so did I!}

We ate barbeque at the same place we did 5 years before, enjoyed pizza at a local cafe we visited on our honeymoon and went to several quaint stores!

Honestly, the most enjoyable part was sleeping late and not having to be responsible for a very active little fellow who is into everything!

{And don’t you love our matching t-shirts…after 5 years I suppose couples who are still in love start dressing alike! 🙂 We wore these to church on Sunday, they are production team shirts for church that John David designed!}


And here’s a trip down memory lane:






Like Father, Like Son

The little apple didn’t fall too far from the tree! Paxton loves gadgets and technology just as much as his daddy does! It’s both cute and annoying…I don’t like picking up cell phones or my iPod with baby drool all over it but it’s slightly heartwarming that he enjoys it!

I snapped my two men sharing a techy man moment last week when John David was off! {Unmade beds are okay on off days until noon…okay? At least the baby was out of his pajamas!}

How adorable is this? Love these two!

Our Wedding Reception and Honeymoon

Our wedding reception was just lovely! We started it off with a receiving line! It was important to us to be able to speak to each of our guests who cared enough about us to join as witnesses to our special day! It did take quite a bit of time but it was wonderful getting to speak to everyone there!

Here we are cutting the cake! John David’s Nana made our cake’s for us!! It was beautiful and very special to us!

I think this picture is just lovely! The punch was wonderful…I only had 1 glass but remember that I wanted another glass of that great punch!!

The chocolate groom’s cake with a tractor on it! You’ll understand the tractor even more in a moment!

Leaving…I just love this shot with the bubbles in it!!

The getaway ride…a nice Case tractor!! I love that we left on a tractor…quite fitting since we met in the FFA!!

The tractor in all its glory!! (I suggested the tractor because I thought it would be fun & I didn’t want to drive around on our honeymoon with “Just Married” written all over our car!!)

We didn’t take many honeymoon pictures (we had a really bad camera that took horrible pics!) We honeymooned in Banner Elk, North Carolina and it was just lovely!! We went to the Banner Elk Cafe a few times for breakfast & dinner, we ate at this amazing barbeque place that I’d love to go back to and went to Grandfather Mountain. We went to the Mast General Store and Blowing Rock, NC and visited the little shops and got ice cream cones!! It was a lovely honeymoon!!

Our Wedding

May 27, 2006

Our wedding was not typical at all because we weren’t too concerned about the wedding!! We were young, very much in love, and firmly believed that it is more important to “plan a marriage and not a wedding.” With that in mind we wanted a very small, inexpensive, intimate wedding where we could share the love of Jesus and the beauty of marriage!

We kept it simple and only had two attendants each. My sister, Rebekah, and John David’s sister, Jill, were my bridesmaids.

My sister and me!

John David and Jill!

John David and his groomsmen (isn’t this picture cute??) Casey was John David’s best friend from high school and Adam served with him on a state officer team!

John David’s former youth pastor, David, was the preacher for our wedding.

I can’t share our wedding without sharing this story. John David was the ring bearer in David and LeAnn’s wedding when he was 6 years old (they were living in East Tennessee at the time…where they are from)! At the time of our wedding, David was serving at a church in northern Middle Tennessee. In 2007 he became the Connections Pastor at a church in southern Middle Tennessee and in 2008 we moved to the same town with John David’s job & we joined his church! Wow…what a God thing! But, it gets better!! On January 1 of this year John David went on staff as the Media Director at our church!! So, they are both over 200 miles from home and serving at the same church! Their family is like family especially since we don’t have family near!

As I mentioned we wanted to keep our ceremony about God and the beauty of marriage. We had a time of worship and sang Be Thou My Vision and Holy Ground. Then we knelt at the alter and had our close friends and family pray for us and our marriage.

This picture of us praying is such a beautiful memory of our wedding.

After the prayer we sat down and David preached! With the ceremony and the sermon I believe we had probably one of the longest weddings ever!

We wrote our own vows . I love to read back over them and am glad we decided to share our hearts with each other during our ceremony.

Then we were pronounced man & wife and shared our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. John David Boreing!

This is another special glimpse into our day. We are so blessed to still have our grandparents with us! All 8 of our grandparents were at our wedding. That is not something that happens very often and I am so happy that we have a picture with us, our parents, and grandparents.

Our wedding was wonderful but our marriage is even better!

My Wedding Dress

A front & back view of the dress!

I don’t have the typical story that most women do, I never went dress shopping and found “the dress”! Instead I borrowed my dress! (In fact I was the only one in the bridal party without new wedding clothes, my mom bought a new dress & my dad bought a new suit for the wedding…ha!) The girl I borrowed it from is 5 years older than me and my mom babysat her when she was a little girl. We went over to her mom’s home where the dress was kept and tried it on and it fit me like it was made for me! It’s a beautiful dress with intricate beadwork on it and I just loved it! It not only saved us a ton of money on our wedding costs, I now don’t have a wedding dress in the back of my closet to take up space! (Isn’t that horribly unsentimental…however I have the most important part of my wedding and that’s my HUSBAND!!)

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