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Using a Spoon


Paxton has gotten pretty good feeding himself with a fork but using a spoon is a little tricky…mainly because most things you eat with spoons are soft and runny foods.

Lately, when I give him applesauce or yogurt I let him feed it to himself. This particular day, he was using 2 spoons!


Feeding himself yummy yogurt…such a big boy!



Love this little face!!


He’s getting so big…
And apparently he prefers the yellow spoon…I suppose the orange one is just a backup!!

I was quite surprised that he didn’t make a huge mess feeding himself! The hardest part for him is just scooping the yogurt onto the spoon from the bowl.


Forward Facing

Last Monday we finally turned Paxton’s car seat around. We’ve kept him rear facing for as long as possible because we think that is the safest way for little ones to ride. However, his little legs just kept getting longer and he was looking quite uncomfortable riding rear facing. {He’s around 25 pounds so well over the recommended weight limit for forward facing!}

It’s amazing how having him facing forward makes him seem so much bigger. He just looks like such a big boy! 

Enjoying facing forward! His first trip forward facing actually was in daddy’s truck! John David put Paxton’s car seat in his truck so the two of them could go to the dump. Watching him drive off with his daddy facing forward was one of the cutest things I’d seen in awhile. He just seemed so happy and like it was such an adventure! Precious!!!

I love being able to turn around and see him! It’s much easier to reach him and talk to him.

It’s amazing how fast they go from itty bitty babies to big boys!

Just think, soon we’ll be adding another car seat to the back seat! How exciting!!

One Year Later

Paxton has been wearing some of the same bodysuits for an entire year now! That’s pretty much unheard of for a baby I’m sure.

Since his torso was so long when he was small, around 4 months old he was wearing some 12 month bodysuits which he can still wear now at 16 months!

Here’s our sweet little 4-month-old Paxton wearing a 12-month bodysuit! It’s slightly big on him but it didn’t swallow him by any means!

And here he is at 16 months wearing the exact same 12-month bodysuit!

Sweet itty, bitty Paxton!!
He’s changed so much! And has a lot more hair these days!

Carter’s has a saying, “If they could just stay little ’til their Carter’s wear out.” Since his torso hasn’t grown much in a year, we’re certainly wearing our Carter’s bodysuits out!


My He’s Changed

It’s finally warm enough to swim and our pool is open! Yay! Paxton has several swimming suits which is funny to me since he’s so little and growing so fast and mama and daddy only have one each! (Although we really should get at least another suit since we’re swimming almost everyday…)

Anyways, one of this years suits is a pair of swim shorts that he wore last year! Since he’s so skinny they still fit (of course they were a little big last year!)

I have to share the comparison:

Look at that itty bitty baby! He was only 3 months here! Of course, I am amazed that he can still wear the same bottoms 10 months later! And the hair, he looks just about bald! I’m absolutely amazed at how much more hair he has!

One handsome little man ready to splish and splash in the water!

One more shot of the little guy! Of course he really wasn’t all that little….Emerson was 13 months and he is only 3 months and there is about a 3 inch height difference!


First Birthday Pictures

On the 14th, it was a gorgeous day and I decided it was the day for Paxton’s birthday pictures! I dressed him in his precious birthday outfit and we went outside to snap pictures of my sweet little man! {I’m so glad I did because his birth day was cool and dreary and outside pictures wouldn’t have turned out good!}

Even though he didn’t stay still for more than 5 seconds and I didn’t get the one shot I wanted of him sitting on his bottom and looking at the camera (learning to let go of expectations!) but I managed to get some really wonderful shots of him!

Love, love, love this shot!!

He adores flowers! He is so amazed by nature!

Love this one too! I did put him on his back and he actually stayed on his back for a minute and I was able to get some cute snapshots of him!

Serious little boy! Look at those little lips!

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