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On the Farm

While visiting my parents, who live on my grandparents farm, we enjoyed looking at all the animals! This cow was so friendly, she stood at the fence the whole time and just looked at us, she even let John David pet her!

These 2 little calves stared at us the whole time too but they never did come close! They’re precious!

Paxton loved looking at the cows and calves!

A few more cows came to get a better look at the tiny human but weren’t as brave as the other cow! {And we’re amazed at Paxton’s knowledge of barbed wire! We never taught him about it but he knows how to prevent getting scratched somehow…smart boy!}

Love this shot of Paxton!

Trying to feed the cows and calves!

I wore Weston the whole time we were outside.

I love this shot!

With my boys…to bad Paxton wasn’t looking!

Walking up the driveway! He had such a blast exploring!

Goats! There were a few baby goats!

We also visited the chickens but didn’t get any pictures! I’m looking forward to our next visit, I have a feeling Paxton will have even more fun then!

Papaw & Paxton

Last week Papaw came to visit with Paxton a couple afternoons while he was in town for a business conference. Paxton had a big time with him! They walked!!

He’s getting so big!!

Almost walking all by himself!

Hanging out with Papaw!!

Paxton’s Birthday Party: Grandparents

Paxton had a great time with his grandparents at his party! We didn’t get any ‘nice’ pictures of him with his grandparents just some ‘action’ shots with him munching on his cake!!

With grandmother and papaw. Love this shot…especially his arm sticking straight out into his papaw’s mouth!

With nanie and grandaddy! Love the crossed legs and that expression on his face!

With nana and papaw! Looking straight at the camera with a cake beard!!

With papaw and mamaw! Still with crossed feet…so stinkin’ adorable!!

Christmas with Nannie and Grandaddy

Paxton was more interested in chewing on the presents than opening them!

Emerson reading one of her new books from Aunt Kim with Nannie! She read both of hers and then had to read both of Paxton’s books too before we could move on to the next presents!

Opening another present with Nannie!

More books! We love reading!

Paxton’s new farm backpack with his name on it!

Another new computer! He almost has as many computers as Daddy does!

Checking out his new computer!

Emmy has a pink laptop!!

Playing with Grandaddy!

It’s a Little People stable to go with his barn!

Daddy opening a present!

I was surprised to receive a tortilla press! I’m looking forward to making homemade tortillas!

Emmy loved wearing my boots!

After receiving the toys and books, they both just wanted to play with my boots!

Chewing on my boots!

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family!

Christmas with the Pittmans

Great Grandma and her two great grandbabies!

Emmy’s new ride!

Paxton trying out Emmy’s new ride!

Emmy saw his bottle and tried to give it to him…so sweet!

Opening a present!

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Billy gave them recliners! They are so cute!

Looking like a big boy in his recliner!

Grandma and Grandpa and their grandbabies!

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