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The Little Entertainer

Last week when I put Paxton in wool for the first time, I decided to snap some pictures. He wouldn’t stay still for a ‘normal’ shot but I ended up getting some quite humorous shots of him entertaining us!

{And unfortunately, the wool is not helping our super soaker! I’ve been on a quest for the perfect nighttime diaper for months…}

Watching a little TV and doing some dancing.

Sweet boy making music for mama and daddy!
His xylophone is one of his favorite toys! He plays with it everyday! {And I enjoy playing with it too!!}

He has his own key chain with some real keys and one of the key chains is a mini guitar that he loves. Here he is pretending to play!

And here he’s really getting into it!! Love this shot!!

Seriously, having an 18 month old is so much fun!!

He’s Got His Own Style


Life with children is never dull! It’s getting more and more exciting around here as Paxton grows and develops quite the personality! Friday night after he got dinner all over his clothes, I stripped him down to his diaper. Then he wanted his boots, so I put them on him and I thought it was a little chilly to be running around only in a diaper and shoes so I put his jammie shirt on him. The result…cuteness!!


One stylish little man! And look at that smile! 


He was quite intrigued by the camera! {He’s got his daddy’s eyes and I love it!!}One handsome, handsome little man!


Our Little Explorer

Paxton loves being outside! I suppose most little boys do! When we put on his shoes to go outside, he just lights up and has a blast exploring the world around him in our yard!

Lately he’s been into rocks! We have a paved driveway but there are some spots with some gravel and he loves examining the little rocks! 

He looked so cute exploring with his little boots on!

He found some sticks outside while looking around! {Sticks make wonderful drum sticks for little boys!}

Marching around with his “drum sticks”!

And he found flowers!! They might be dandelions but he loves them!

Moustache Man

Thankfully the moustache man I’m referring to is not my man (I’m not a fan of the moustache on men!) Instead, the moustache man is my little man…after eating chocolate pudding! Seriously, it was one of the cutest things! And one of the best parts was that after I dashed to grab my camera he was cheesin’ for me!! Love it!

I adore this shot of Paxton! {You can’t tell in this shot but that bottom tooth on the left has broken through…finally!}

Big smiles for mama!!

I adore this shot, I think he looks like a miniature grown up!!
Obviously Paxton enjoys chocolate pudding! And kissing the wall…right after these pictures were taken he kissed the wall, leaving a nice big chocolately spot on the wall for me to clean. The joy of toddlers!!


Cow Appreciation Day 2011

This past Friday our family dressed up like cows to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day and get free Chick-fil-A meals!! We love Chick-fil-A so dressing up and getting it free is our idea of family fun!!

{This picture tickles me, black headed daddy + brown headed mama = blonde headed baby…doesn’t quite make sense! Paxton’s hair just keeps getting lighter and lighter!!}

Paxton looked incredibly cute in his little ‘cowstume’!! He enjoyed his second nugget kids meal with lemonade, daddy had spicy chicken and I had a regular chicken sandwich with a yummy lemonade!!

Sweet little calf!!

Paxton adores his ice cream!! {Did you know you can trade in the ‘toy’ from the kids meal for a cup or cone of ice cream? We get to enjoy a yummy treat and don’t have kid clutter to deal with!!}

Yum yum!!

Paxton had a tail again this year…he was so stinkin’ cute!!

Paxton lovin’ on daddy!!

With my sweet boy!!

Love this little man’s bum and the cute tail!!

And here’s a flashback:

Our family celebrating Cow Appreciation Day 2010!!

Look how we’ve changed in a year! {And next year we’ll have a new addition to our little herd!!}


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