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White Water Rafting

This weekend we went White Water Rafting on the Ocoee!! It was amazing! We went with Adam & Katie and Adam’s sister Heather and her husband Daniel. I was the only one of our group who hadn’t been before and I must admit that I was a little anxious but once I got in the water and we started down the river I had a blast! The more rapids we went over and the bigger the splashes, the better! It was about a 2 hour trip down the river and at one point in the river we could get out of the boat and swim! John David and I hopped out and floated beside the boat for a few minutes!

The plan is that next year we are all going again and are going to raft the upper part where the Olympic course is! I am so excited about going!

…in the Escape on the way

Memorial Day

We spent our Memorial Day at Henry Horton State Park with Adam & Katie and Kara & Colby! We met there and grilled hamburgers for lunch and then made yummy s’mores!!

John David grilling!

He won’t stop grilling to take a picture!


Our s’mores!

Yummy…so yummy it is on my face!

Kara liked the s’mores!

Actually Kara really liked the s’mores…she got chocolate all over her fingers!!

Adam & Katie

Kara & Colby

After our yummy lunch we went to the pool that was there! We really enjoyed that…the closest thing to the beach in Tennessee!

John David enjoying the sun!

Since we are living in Middle Tennessee the best drink for a hot summer day!!

Another cute thing I have to mention, Kara gave us a gift! She saw these cute little boots at a yard sale and just had to buy them for the future little Boreings that will be born! Kara bought our little one (who is not on the way anytime soon!) his or her first pair of boots so they can be just like Daddy!

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