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FFA Convention

We attended day one of the Tennessee FFA Convention! We enjoyed visiting with friends and being at the convention since we hadn’t been since 2009. There were several changes since we last attended and the convention just seems to get better and better every year!

The boys with their Papaw, former agriculture teacher and state FFA advisor, at their very first Tennessee FFA Convention!

Paxton wondering in the convention hall between sessions!

Love this shot of our little boy checking out the stage.

On stage!

This child couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bust a move while on a stage! He’s a born entertainer!

Little rocker coming off stage!

“The plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil…” I had to get a shot of this since John David and I both were Vice Presidents!

Our family at convention!

Now we just have to figure out a way to get back to Tennessee in 12 years so Paxton can be enrolled in agriculture and an FFA member in Tennessee!

81st Tennessee FFA Convention

Last week we attended the 81st Tennessee FFA State Convention in Gatlinburg. We were both very involved in the FFA and met through the FFA so we love it and love the opportunity to help out! At convention John David is the production director (communicating between media people & backstage director) since his job at church is Media Director this is the perfect fit for him. I create all the slides for the convention that coordinate with the sessions & then run them! It is stressful & busy but it is a lot of fun!
John David hard at work keeping the show going!
Sarah and me keeping the slides going! (Sarah was the state officer candidate assigned to help John David & me & she is now the 2009-2010 East Tennessee Vice President!! Yay Sarah!!)
A view of the convention hall…I just love seeing all of the blue jackets!!
The 2008-2009 State Officer team ending a session! They did such a good job at the convention!
John David & me…the only photo we have together…there was no time for fun, games & pictures in Gatlinburg this trip but we did have a great time!!

4th of July

We have had a wonderful, laid back 4th of July! We actually went to FFA Camp yesterday to do some filming for a promotional video for the state officers to take to chapter visits. We arrived there around 10:30 and spent yesterday filming all the fun things that go on at camp! We really had a great time there! John David ended up as the DJ for the camp dance last night and everybody had a blast…we even danced and he spun me! I am learning!! Camp ended this morning and we headed back home, stopping in Murfreesboro for barbeque.

Us at camp!! (This picture was taken on John David’s Blackberry…it looks amazing to me!!)

When we got home we were tired from staying up late last night so we laid down and rested…how nice to climb in the bed and relax!! I spent some time on one of my most recent projects, cross-stitching a baby bib for an upcoming shower…I am almost finished!

He caught some of the exciting cross-stitching action!!

We also began working on another project, refinishing a chair! We got this chair from Mom B. and I absolutely love it. It has a crack in the seat and is missing a spindle but we are trying to make it into a beautiful dining chair!! We worked on stripping off all the paint tonight! I haven’t decided if I want to stain it or paint it black.

The chair!!

John David hard at work…he is much better at these things than I am!!

So that was pretty much our 4th of July, no big party or cookout, just enjoying a day together doing the things we like to do and enjoying the simple pleasures of life!

FFA Convention

This past week was the 80th Annual Tennessee FFA State Convention! John David and I were both convention staff in Communications so we were there Friday until Wednesday!

Convention was really great! We both stayed busy while we were there because we had jobs to do! In addition to my convention work I also covered an event for Co-op!

A view of our convention hall…I just love it!

Katelyn, Joseph, and Me introducing Rebekah for her retiring address, Too Prideful! Rebekah did an amazing job on her retiring address!!

Katelyn was named State Star Greenhand (which is a pretty big deal!) I am so excited that both Katelyn and Jospeh have gotten involved and love FFA as much as Rebekah, John David, and I do!

2 West Tennessee Vice Presidents and an East Tennessee Vice President…we have decided Rebekah has to marry a Vice President!!

I just love living is the life for me!!

Me and Dad!

The girls!!

Us again!

Rebekah after she retired and the new West Tennessee Vice President Colton Teague

State convention was a blur to say the least…that is why I am letting the pictures tell the story!!

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