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We had a low key Halloween! We had no parties, didn’t go trick or treating, we just hung out at home! Paxton did wear his new bumGenius 4.0 in Sassy! It’s a nice orange color, not quite a pumpkin color {or UT orange!} but it’s a beautiful color!


Our happy boy!!


Paxton did some dancing…this boy has moves!!


And we attempted to take pictures with his pumpkin but that didn’t go so well!!


He did have fun with his pumpkin!


He carried it all around and dropped it several times…thankfully not on his toes!




Our sweet, sweet boy!


Looks like he’s diaper-less!!


More heavy lifting!And a close up of his sweet little tongue!


Silly, Messy, Funny


Meal time is quite an adventure these days! Usually it’s quite messy! Last week he had a corn muffin which he proceeded to crumble and then rub in his hair! You can’t see it in the pictures but it was full of crumbly cornbread! The result was a bath and some really cute pictures. 


Silly boy!!


Love this little personality!


I love this smile!


And his big smile!!My days are never dull…not with this silly, messy, funny boy!!


One Precious Child

Paxton loves lots of things: guitars, music, shoes, boots, daddy and outside! Once he had his boots on, he was ready to go ‘side!

I thought he was too cute to not take a few minutes and snap a few pictures of this adorable little man! This is right before he realized I had a camera in hand. 

He sees the camera and is now putting on a show! Oh my sweetness, could he be any cuter?!

I am one blessed mama! One really blessed mama…he’s coming after me to give me a big hug!!

The Fleece Footie Jammies

Last week I purchased Paxton some fleece footie jammies (at a resale store where I have credit…cost me nothing out of pocket, remember I am frugal and believe in dressing my baby on a budget!)

Anyways, they are beyond adorable! He loves these jammies because they have “shoes” (and this child loves his ‘do-es’!)

Looking absolutely snuggable in these jammies!

Now that the nights are getting cooler, I love that he has some warm jammies since he won’t stay covered…he moves around way too much!

And I have to be completely honest, the early morning snuggles in our bed with Paxton is fleece are so cozy!

One Cool Kid


So, I know Paxton is our kid but we think he is the cutest, most adorable and coolest toddler ever! {Little brother has a lot to live up to!!}

He loves rock music, guitars and drums. He wears his shades like one cool dude, he fist bumps and hi fives. He never meets a stranger and loves everybody! And he’s a good sleeper (I think that’s the best!)

We couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of our cool toddler the other day! Shades, a rock star hoodie and chewing on a finger, seriously how much cooler can you get at 17 months? 


One stinkin’ cute child!

There’s never ever a dull moment and about 10 ‘he did the cutest thing ever moments’ every single day! I love being a parent!!


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