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October So Far

Once again, I’ve been busy living life and not taking too many pictures and not blogging here. Here are a few snapshots from October so far:

Weston fell asleep in the Boba on my back and I was able to lay him down and he slept for about 45 minutes! He looked way too cute not to snap a picture!

Precious, precious baby boy.

Weston got into his brothers crayons…

Weston trying to drum!

Silly, silly Paxton.

Brothers playing…

I love, love, love this picture! It looks like Weston was putting the basket on Paxton’s head! He wasn’t but it’s still funny.

Bucket head. Paxton loves wearing buckets on his head!

And our Weston man is moving like crazy and getting into everything. I found him standing on the dishwasher the other day, too funny not to snap a picture of the moment.

The Beginning of June

Some pictures from this month:

Paxton eating breakfast in mama’s bed. He looks so cozy under the covers!

One happy baby! He’s enjoying the mess his brother created!

Brotherly love!

Paxton loves coloring and he loves being outside so it’s hard to beat coloring outside!

Love this grumpy face!

Paxton tells me what to write or draw. He loves having me write names!

Our Weston man is quite the little drooler. One evening we got him out of the high chair {we sit him in his high chair while we eat since eating is social!} and there literally was a puddle in the bottom. It was all drool…ick! He got a quick sink bath!

The beginning of June was unseasonably cool. We had cool days and rainy days. I just had to take a picture of John David when he came home on June 10th in Georgia wearing a fleece jacket! Who would have thought?!?

The Rest of February

Now that’s it’s nearly mid-March, I’m wrapping up February on this blog! I just get behind! These pictures are from the 20th to 29th!

While ironing one day, I propped Weston up on the Boppy and he fell asleep…precious!!

Sweet, sweet little baby!

Weston was napping and Paxton was playing on the iPad and I knocked out the ironing!

I put Paxton in one of our old slings just to see if he would fit and he did! He immediately put his head on my shoulder and seemed quite cozy!

Love his grumpy face!

Having fun with the toddler in the sling!

He hijacked my boots and was stompin’ around in them!

Walking so good in mamas big boots!

Brothers…matching! I love it!

Sweet, sweet boys!

Sweet chunky little Weston!!

Paxton put macaroni in his hair one night. It was funny so I had to take a picture so I could look back and laugh but I was not happy at the moment. Macaroni & cheese is hard to get out of hair…especially the hair of a toddler who hates having his hair washed, not fun!

One night hanging out with us before bedtime…before he move to his crib.

My sweet little baby!! And notice his awesome hairline?!?!

I love the back of his sweet little head and that long hair on the bottom!

Post-Nap Fun


We never know what we’re going to find when we go to get Paxton when he’s woken up from a nap. Often his babies and blankets are in the floor and he’s taken his socks off! I couldn’t help but snap some pictures when I found him shirtless after a nap a few days ago!


His new ‘pouty’ face! It’s hilarious!


One handsome little man!!


Cheesin’ for mama!!


Full of personality!!

And, he topped this on Monday! We found him in an empty crib with nothing but a diaper on! And I’m pretty positive if he’d been wearing a velcro diaper instead of snaps, he’d have been diaper-less! Not a day goes by that we aren’t humored!!


The Little Climber


Having an 18 month old means there’s never really a dull moment {at least when he’s awake!} Last week Paxton figured out how to climb up on our guest bed. Oh boy! 


He was quite proud of himself!


Climbing up is easy but getting down is a little trickier!! He hung here for a minute or two!


Makes for funny pictures! And look at that fluffy bum!!I know he’s thinking, mama, stop taking pictures and help me!

And since these were taken, he’s not mastered both getting up and getting down…the boy is quick!


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