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Paxton and Daddy


Pick me up daddy…




He’s trying to attack daddy with the draft stop! 



There’s something about lying in the floor that just draws small children to you!!


And Paxton’s on the move!!Love these two boys…these moments make me so excited that I’ll soon have two sons!!!


Playing in the Leaves

Friday night when daddy got home from work, he and Paxton went outside to play!! Paxton just loves playing with his daddy!! They gathered leaves up and had a blast with them!

Paxton had a wagon full of leaves!

Getting ready to attack daddy!

I adore this sweet little smile!
Leaf fight!

And after he was finished playing with the leaves, he found a stick! This child is always finding sticks!



Showing his stick to daddy {and daddy is attacking him with leaves!}


He sees something…It’s birds!!

We’re so blessed!


Napping with Daddy

The day after John David got home from Ethiopia, Paxton and Daddy took a nice long nap together! It was adorable!!

Paxton’s Birthday Party: Mama & Daddy

Paxton & Daddy

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