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At My Parents

2 weekends ago we went to visit my family. We had a lovely visit and Paxton had a blast with his cousin Emmy! {We didn’t take a ton of pictures, but here are a few!}

Emmy loves Pax!

Getting sweet kisses!

I just love this shot! Emmy looks like such a big girl!

Brother…wearing matching jammies!

Since we don’t have a Pack’n’Play and don’t want one since they’re so big, we have to get creative when traveling with our babies! Paxton sleeps in a big boy bed with a rail on it at my parents and Weston started his nights in a clothes basket and a doll bed! {And as usual, wound up in our bed!} We put a blanket in them and he slept swaddled on his back! {Of course he’s almost too big for the doll bed!}




Paxton loves babies! He really loved spending the weekend with his 4-month-old cousin, Brooklynn! He said ‘baby’ probably 100 times during the course of our visit and was so helpful! He’d bring her toys and her paci and didn’t want her crying!


{Notice his little arm draped over her? So sweet!!}


We’re thinking this little man is going to be one amazing big brother! He’s going to love having his own baby to keep!!

Sweet Babies

My grandpa has a beautifully manicured lawn! It’s really gorgeous! {Hopefully in a year or two we can have our yard beautiful and lush too!}

I couldn’t resist these gorgeous white flowers for taking pictures of Paxton and Emmy.

Chubby little boy! I love this little face!

Sweet little man touching his toes!

Emmy giving Paxton some love!

Too cute!!

I love these babies!

So, so, so sweet!

Silly Emmy!

Not to be outdone, Paxton has to make a silly face too!

Having fun together!

Beautiful Miss Emmy!

She loves Paxton! It’s funny, she thinks he’s a baby and he’s just about as big as she is!!

At the Park with Cousins

While in Virginia last week, we went to a park with our cousins!

Paxton loved riding on this little 4-wheeler! He did so good!

Such a big boy! He looks like a mini daredevil here!

He loved swinging. It was so much fun watching him swinging and having fun with cousin Emmy by his side!

Sweet little swinging boy!

He had a big time sliding. There was a small slide that he was able to go down all by himself. He went down it probably 15 times! Every time, as soon as he got to the bottom of the slide, he would turn around and start trying to climb back up.

Emmy loves sliding too!

Paxton had a big time climbing on the stairs at the park. He loves climbing stairs so much now!

Sweet little sliding boy-love these big smiles!

All the cousins at the park! {My cousin David and his daughter and my niece Emerson!}

At the Ocean

Last week when we were in Hampton, we went to the beach! It was a chilly day but we took off our shoes, I ran barefoot and enjoyed the sand between my toes and Paxton enjoyed it too!

Emmy and Paxton liked the sand! {I want to go to the coast some time this summer so Paxton can have a big time building sandcastles and playing with his mama and daddy!}

Paxton dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time…he wasn’t very excited about it…

In fact he cried when the water touched his feet…probably because it was chilly!

He touched the water for 10 seconds and then promptly pulled his feet up while crying! I picked him up and we went to play in the sand!!

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