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A Christmas Package

Paxton received a package this week from his great aunt Denise and uncle Ray! We had fun opening the presents!

What a face!

He’s had his tongue out about 75% of the time the past few weeks…it is cute!

His favorite part of unwrapping presents…the wrapping paper!

Thanks aunt Denise and uncle Ray! We had a fun time opening the presents and love the gifts!


I was thrilled to wake up to snow on Christmas morning! I’ve been hoping for snow all month because I wanted Paxton to experience snow! Seeing the snow on the ground was a wonderful Christmas gift for me!

We bundled our little guy up in his snowsuit and headed out!

Of course we brought the camera! {See his two little teeth?}

Love this sweet little boy!

We sat him down in the snow and he didn’t like it at all!

Daddy trying to console him so we could have an adorable picture…didn’t work!

Then daddy picked him up and we headed inside!

I scratched his name in the snow on our way inside. I believe we were outside a grand total of 4 minutes! And we went back out the next day but it was exactly the same! Our little man is not a fan of snow…at least for now!

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! What a surprise it was to wake up to a white Christmas ! I loved the gift of snow and was filled with excitement about Paxton’s first Christmas being white!

We began our Christmas morning reading through our Adorenaments book and decorated our small tree with ornaments that represent different names of Jesus.

Opening his first present from Mama and Daddy!

Beautiful wooden blocks!

Opening his second present!

Reading his new book with Daddy!

His third gift was a “Big Truck Book”! Daddy and Paxton have already enjoyed reading it and I know they’ll enjoy reading it for years to come!

He loves the bright trucks!

We had fun playing with Paxton’s new toys and books!

We also enjoyed chatting with Aunt Jill, Grandpa and Grandma!

Paxton’s first Christmas was a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas with Nannie and Grandaddy

Paxton was more interested in chewing on the presents than opening them!

Emerson reading one of her new books from Aunt Kim with Nannie! She read both of hers and then had to read both of Paxton’s books too before we could move on to the next presents!

Opening another present with Nannie!

More books! We love reading!

Paxton’s new farm backpack with his name on it!

Another new computer! He almost has as many computers as Daddy does!

Checking out his new computer!

Emmy has a pink laptop!!

Playing with Grandaddy!

It’s a Little People stable to go with his barn!

Daddy opening a present!

I was surprised to receive a tortilla press! I’m looking forward to making homemade tortillas!

Emmy loved wearing my boots!

After receiving the toys and books, they both just wanted to play with my boots!

Chewing on my boots!

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family!

Christmas Visit

We spent the first part of this week at Nannie and Grandaddy’s and what a wonderful and relaxing time it was! It was so wonderful to have help with the “baby wrangling” too!

Paxton had fun with his cousin Emerson and the rest of the family had a blast watching the two of them interact – it’s absolutely precious!

Paxton playing with Great Grandma! He actually could ride that little bus – I was just amazed that he had the ability to hold himself up!

Practicing walking with Grandma!

More walking!

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Billy gave him this cow! He loves it!

Playing with the newest addition to the toy herd! (And of course he chewed all over it!!)

Rebekah and I decided to let the kids exchange the gifts that we purchased for them and have fun opening and playing with their presents while we were together!

Emerson was getting the hang of unwrapping!

Playing with the magnetic animals that Paxton gave Emerson! She loves animals and the kids really liked playing with these!

Of course Paxton is at the age that he would just rather chew on the gifts instead of open them…that is his first reaction!

Actually doing a little unwrapping!

More unwrapping attempts! This gift was Little People- a farmer girl and 2 cows for his farm!

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