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Turning Two

Paxton’s birthday was today! We’ve been celebrating him turning two throughout the month {we took him to the Aquarium of the Smokies two weeks ago} but we really celebrated this weekend!

Friday we let him choose dinner! He wanted a hot dog so we took him to Five Guys! He ate all of his hot dog and enjoyed his fries!!

After dinner, we went to church for movie night! They were showing The Wizard of Oz and Paxton sat through the entire thing! John David said he was mesmerized by the movie! {I missed watching him watch his first movie since Weston was fussy…beginning with the opening music!}

Saturday we went to town and bought Paxton his first pairs of big boy underwear! We’re starting to slowly encourage him to potty train so this was the first step! He liked his underwear, especially the pair with the monkeys! He also picked out a ball while we were grocery shopping. {It’s amazing how much joy a simple ball brings a little boy!}

Sunday we went to a birthday party at a playground for one of Paxton’s friends who turned two last week! He enjoyed being with his buddies, sliding and eating a yummy cupcake! Then the day got even better when Papaw arrived to visit for the evening. He played outside with Papaw and then we had pizza for dinner! {“Piz-e” is one of Paxton’s favorite foods!}

And today has been full of celebrating:

Paxton woke up at 8:00 saying, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” His daddy went and got him and brought him back to our bed and we snuggled with our birthday boy!

Around 9:00 we let him open one of his presents from his Mimi:

A guitar shirt!! And there was another shirt with a monkey playing guitar!!

Wearing his guitar shirt and big boy underwear while hanging out with brother!

We watched the clock for Paxton’s birth time!!

Blowing out his birthday candle after we sang Happy Birthday to him!!

Daddy lighting the candle again! He blew out the 2 candle 2 times on his 2nd birthday!!

Eating his yummy birthday brownie and ice cream!

A birthday mess! After he was finished he was ready for mama to get him cleaned off.

Around 3:30, we left and headed to the local children’s museum where we have a membership. Since they close at 5:00 and we arrived around 4:00, there were very few people there so Paxton was able to play without worrying about sharing with other kids {which is a big deal for a 2-year-old! :)}

Playing in the water!!

He loved the boats!

Weston even got to play during this visit! The other two times we’ve went I’ve nursed him and worn him in a wrap the whole time but today he was able to play. He enjoyed touching the water and Paxton made sure he had some boats!

Paxton had a blast sliding and playing in the huge climbing area!

One of Paxton’s favorite spots is the preschool area that has a little kitchen. Today he made brother some food!

He went digging in the sand for dinos for the first time today too! The last time we tried this, he was very disturbed by the sand!! We also put Weston’s toes in the sand today!

Weston hanging out with Daddy!!

After we finished playing at the museum, we called Papaw who was in town for a conference!

Paxton and Papaw share a birthday so it was so fun that they were together on their birthday! {They’ve been together for every one of Paxton’s birthdays so far!}

Birthday boys at dinner!!

Our family!

My sweet 2-year-old!!

Paxton and  Papaw!!

Cheesy grins from the birthday boys!!

Love this!!

He adores his papaw!

Once we arrived home, we video chatted with Aunt Jill, Nana and Pawpaw and then with Mimi. Then we gave Paxton’s birthday hugs and goodnight kisses and put him down for the night!

Then Aunt Beka called and cousin Emmy wanted to tell Paxton happy birthday! Since he wasn’t asleep yet, we let him talk to them {and he actually talked back on the phone!} 

And then it was really goodnight for the birthday boy!

Paxton’s past birthdays:

Birth Story

1st Birthday

Aquarium of the Smokies

While we were in Gatlinburg this past Monday for the Tennessee FFA Convention, we took Paxton to the Aquarium of the Smokies as part of his birthday present! We want to give our children gifts of experience instead of a lot of things and Paxton loves fish and penguins since his trip to the Tennessee Aquarium back in December! We knew he’d love a visit to the aquarium and we were right!

A shark!!

He loved looking at the fish in this big tank!

You can’t tell very well since it was so dark but he’s squatting down looking up at the fish in awe! Precious moment!

Seahorses! I love all the little sea creatures, they’re intricate and beautiful!

Checking out wild looking sea dragons! They were beautiful!

Enjoying the fish with Paxton!

There was this fish that talked about the different parts of a fish and Paxton loved it! It’s talking here and Paxton has his hands in its mouth! Too funny!

Pushing buttons to make the fish talk!

Love this sweet smile…he had a blast!

Checking out treasure!

Crawling with daddy to see the penguins up close!

Paxton and Daddy up close with penguins!

And crawling out!

A beautiful penguin!

He’s ‘touching’ a penguin swimming up against the glass!

With my sweet boy…he was a little upset because this part of the penguin exhibit was outside and he thought we were leaving! He kept saying ‘fish’ and pointing! I guess that’s a sign he had a blast!

Hanging with his daddy!

We all had fun!

Next on our list is the Georgia Aquarium!


Paxton’s Birthday Party: Mama & Daddy

Paxton’s Birthday Party: Guests

I tried to take pictures of Paxton with all of his party guests! I didn’t get pictures with everybody but did get some good shots!

I call this the “I love Nic” picture! 🙂

Sweet picture of Amanda and Paxton!

With Aunt Loretta and Uncle Jeff! He looks so happy!

With Aunt Pat and Uncle Bobby…I took about 12 of them and he wasn’t cooperating! Of course photographing a 1-year-old is hard!

With Aunt Diane…again no cooperation from the newest 1-year-old!

{One of the pictures I was unable to get was a shot with Paxton and his Aunt Rebekah and Cousin Emmy! Emmy slept through the fun parts of the party…presents and cake!}

Paxton’s Birthday Party: Grandparents

Paxton had a great time with his grandparents at his party! We didn’t get any ‘nice’ pictures of him with his grandparents just some ‘action’ shots with him munching on his cake!!

With grandmother and papaw. Love this shot…especially his arm sticking straight out into his papaw’s mouth!

With nanie and grandaddy! Love the crossed legs and that expression on his face!

With nana and papaw! Looking straight at the camera with a cake beard!!

With papaw and mamaw! Still with crossed feet…so stinkin’ adorable!!

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