Busy, Productive and Fun Weekend

This weekend was busy! Really we have been busy since Wednesday with things to do and we haven’t dealt with the busyness of life since April! So, I took things a day at a time, had a blast, and now I am exhausted! After my chores today I plan to read a good book for a little while and just relax!!

On Friday John David and I woke up early and headed to a yard sale in Franklin (they were selling video equipment). (We didn’t make any purchases but it was enjoyable because we haven’t been to a yard sale since June or July!) Then we went out for a breakfast date at Cracker Barrel!! I love our breakfast dates!! We both ate the same thing we ALWAYS do, Fried Chicken Tenders & Hash Brown Casserole!! There is not much variety in our lives when we go to Cracker Barrel!!

After breakfast we went to Plato’s Closet where I tried to sell some of my clothes but they wouldn’t buy anything! The girl said my clothes were too old (they buy things that are less than a year or 2 old but she said they were in great condition…at least I got a compliment 🙂 ) Of course that didn’t come as too big of a surprise because most of my clothes were given to me, bought at yard sales or Goodwill so I wasn’t expecting much at all!!

We headed North to Two Rivers Campground where John David’s Dad had parked the camper. So I dropped John David off there and headed back towards home while he and his Dad went hunting in Henry County.

On my way home I stopped at Super Target in Spring Hill and was there about 2 hours. I bought shower gifts, shower supplies (for Kara’s upcoming shower!), granola bars, and looked around for Christmas presents without any luck. After my 2 hour Target trip I came home and started working on the invitations for Kara’s shower, which have turned out really good, I will have to post pictures of those soon!!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and headed to Mike & Jen’s home to their yard sale. I brought 3 boxes of things (a box of clothes, a box of fabric & a small box of books, kitchen utensils, Christmas ornaments) to sell and I also went there to help! Their daughter Katie & I worked the “cash register” and I had a blast with her!! Jen is a yard sale genius, since Saturday was the second day of the sale everything was $.25 unless it was a bigger item or a $.10 item, such as books! And this is the way to get things gone and clear the clutter!! I ended up selling all but 4 pieces of clothing and made $14.65! I was so excited because all of this stuff would have been donated to Goodwill for no profit but I made $14.65!! And I had a lot of fun with Katie and learned about having a successful yard sale!!

Sunday was church, I had 3 kids in my class but we still had fun!! After church we came home and had leftovers, Rotel Chicken, which was nice to open the fridge and just heat up lunch!! I took a little nap and then started making pizza for Mike & Jen & their kids! I made 3 kid size pizzas (2-Cheese & 1-Pepperoni), 1-Sausage & Pepperoni, 1- 1/2 Sausage, Pepperoni & Mushroom and 1/2 Sausage & Pepperoni, 1-Chicken Alfredo, and 1-Buffalo Chicken (a small experimental pizza!!) We had a great time eating pizza and spending time together!! After dinner Mike & Jen ran to Target and John David and the older kids filmed a short video and I played Simon Says and we played with PLAYDOH-fun stuff!! We had a blast!!

So here I am this morning reflecting over the great weekend I had, it was busy but I had a lot of fun! Yes I am tired but after a little bit of rest and taking it easy I will be back to my simple little life!!

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