Busy Days

We’ve been busy the past two days! You’d think staying home with an infant wouldn’t include any busyness but it does! Part of the busyness is due to my beginning to work again! (I work from home transcribing…it’s the perfect job since I can do it at home and it’s only about 20 hours a month which is completely manageable!)

I started back working Wednesday and it is different with a little one! Plus, yesterday was his first fussy day, if he wasn’t eating or sleeping he was fussy so mama didn’t get much work done (considering he ate every 2 hours!)

While I was fixing my lunch I sat him in his high chair and he fell asleep in it! Once I finished eating, I toted the high chair and Paxton to the office and was able to transcribe 30 minutes with him snoozing here!

I did manage to get dinner on the table in spite of the fussyness…thanks to frozen meatloaf and a helpful husband! As soon as we finished dinner we left and went to a prayer gathering with a few people from church (our church has begun searching for a new senior pastor and these small group gatherings are to pray for our church, the search committee and our future pastor!) We had a nice evening of fellowship and Paxton slept the entire time we were there! (I’m sure nobody believed that I had a rough day since he was so angelic!)

Once we got home, he was still sleeping…the type of sleep where he is completely out and can sleep in any position, like this:

Is that not the cutest ever! John David picked him up and this is how he ended up! Precious little newborn baby!!

Once Paxton was fed for the night, John David and I spent about 10 minutes picking up our house…it was looking a little cluttered! Due to my somewhat frazzling day, I hadn’t been able to do any picking up and I function much better in a neat home! It really is amazing what 2 people can do in 10 minutes!

This morning I was up and showered and had my hair dried by 9:15! (Lately after the 7:00-ish feeding I’ve been climbing back in bed and sleeping until oh 10 or so which really makes the day short!) I was able to wash dishes, do some transcribing and even kick back and relax a few minutes with my little one!

Snuggling on the couch with my baby! I just love laying him on my chest when he is sleeping! It is the sweetest thing and I am trying to cherish these newborn baby moments!

Around 2:30 my co-workers Allison and Polly came to visit and meet Paxton! Allison brought her 5-month-old little girl too! She is absolutely precious and so much fun…I loved watching her observe and coo!! We enjoyed a nice visit with them…they too were amazed at how much Paxton looks like John David!

Here’s Paxton this evening before daddy got home from work! I had put this blanket over him and when I went to check on him I saw that he had moved both of his arms outside of the covers…so sweet!

Once John David arrived home he of course spent a few minutes snuggling with Paxton and then he fixed dinner (another one of my freezer meals…pulled pork sandwiches) while I bathed our smelly dog (who had been running around outside off and on all day!) Then we ate dinner and watched TV (a favorite Friday activity!)

And Paxton slept! Isn’t he just too cute! (Of course everything he does we think is simply precious…there really is nothing like a newborn!)

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  1. Denise says:

    I just love seeing the pictures of Paxton!!! He is so precious looking in his photos 🙂

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