Boys Will Be Boys




Paxton is constantly getting into ‘pickles’! Sometimes I think he tries to think of new ways to get into mischief! Wednesday afternoon while we were in the office, he pulled the drying rack on top of him. I just watched, camera in hand, to see if he could figure out how to free himself!


He figured out his escape plan! Squeezing out one of the sides…


Almost free, just got to get his head through! I was quite impressed at his abilities to quickly free himself, this took him about 15 seconds to do!

Relishing in his newly found freedom and ability to free himself!!!

Not 5 minutes later I found him under the stool:





It’s as if he’s saying ‘hi mama, watch me!’


Our smart boy knows exactly what to do it seems!
Free again!

I’m impressed at this little guy and his ability to think fast and get himself out of some of the little messes he gets himself into!


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